Subaru of America & Philadelphia Union on Achieving Zero Landfill Status

Alan Bethke, Subaru of America Inc.’s Senior Vice President - Marketing, and Tim McDermott, Philadelphia Union’s President, celebrate Subaru Park becoming the first soccer stadium in Major League Soccer to achieve zero landfill status on October 23, 2021.
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On October 25, 2021, Subaru of America, Inc., and Philadelphia Union announced that Subaru Park, the first soccer-specific stadium in Major League Soccer (MLS), has reached zero-landfill status its first milestone. The feat was commemorated on October 23 with a commemorative jersey patch and a ceremonial stadium reopening as a landfill-free one as part of the match.

Senior Vice President of Marketing of Subaru of America, Inc., Alan Bethke, informs that they agreed to work with the Philadelphia Union to assist the larger Philadelphia community. Subaru Park is the first zero-waste soccer stadium in the MLS. For Subaru, this extraordinary milestone pushes professional sports stadiums globally to embrace more sustainable methods

Philadelphia Union President Tim McDermott informs of his pride in achieving the milestone alongside their partners at Subaru of America. McDermott emphasized that they have gained confidence in Subaru, helping their fans and the soccer community reduce waste at Subaru Park. Subaru Park has set an example for the rest of MLS in terms of sustainability.

Subaru Park has acquired the nationally recognized zero-landfill status by applying the automaker’s zero-landfill philosophy, which means that all of the waste created at Philadelphia Union games will be reduced, reused, or repurposed. Subaru Park is proud of this achievement. Subaru Park diverts about 357,480 pounds of garbage from local landfills per year on average. As a comparison, this is the same as:

  • A Philadelphia cheesesteak that’s 19 miles high and 50 miles wide
  • The weight of 357,480 soccer balls
  • The height of 20 Mt. Everests-worth of stacked aluminum cans


Chairman & Founding Director of Sport and Sustainability International Allen Hershkowitz, Ph.D., realizes that billions of tons of waste are produced globally every year. Environmental disaster harms public health, marine life and worsens global climate change. Waste reduction, a circular economy, and zero waste to landfill regulations are the only solutions to the global waste challenge. It’s a feat that all sports stadiums, indeed all businesses, should strive to achieve. 

Subaru Park fulfilled this target by halving waste generated by fans and doubling rubbish recycled by supporters. According to an evaluation of all products entering the stadium, many things might be deleted or replaced with better, recyclable or compostable options. Serving beverages in their recyclable containers saved Subaru Park 47,000 pounds of throwaway cups.

Subaru Park has deployed over 100 MAX-R Containers across the park to help fans recycle and compost. It was a great way for fans to properly dispose of their waste from any event at Subaru Park. Installing new containers, training workers, and ensuring that all recyclable waste is segregated and shipped to be processed has helped Subaru Park be successful in its efforts.

They are also committed to supporting various philanthropic activities that fulfill the Subaru Love Promise, the automaker’s mission to support communities and customers countrywide. Other projects include Make A Dog’s Day Fest, a large-scale pet adoption event to assist Philadelphia shelter dogs in finding loving homes, and the Garden for Good, which gives fresh vegetables to food banks in Chester during harvest seasons.