Is Riko’s Thin Crust Pizza the Redeemer for Long Islanders?

Riko's Thin Crust Pizza for Long Island
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Riko’s Thin Crust Pizza continues to thrive in the competitive New York pizza industry as it prepares to open its newest Long Island facility. With so many independently owned pizzerias lining the streets of Long Island’s suburbs, there is something special for Riko’s Thin Crust Pizza to stand out. So is that Riko’s unique hot oil recipe? It turns out that Long Islanders will soon enjoy thin and crispy crust pizza they have been craving for but couldn’t get at their local pizzerias.

Michael Haring, who has just invested in Riko’s Thin Crust Pizza, shared how they would be talking about owning a restaurant for years until his daughter started working at Riko’s in Levittown, New York. Because she raved about the meal so much, Haring finally caved in and had supper there. He tried the wings and the meat lovers’ pizza. Both products were top-notch, and the ‘no flop’ pizza particularly impressed Haring. He recalled that as a kid, he would enjoy the firm and crispy local pizza served by local pizzerias. But, over time, Long Island pizzas lost that craft and rather tasted doughy.

Since Haring was aware that Riko’s was on the lookout for new franchisees, he made a point of keeping an eye on business at various times of day and week. He was so impressed by what he saw that he persuaded his business partner to join him for dinner so that they could discuss the potential of owning a franchise. For Haring’s business partner, he ordered seven different pies and several different kinds of wings to check if all of it were worth his hard-earned money in terms of food quality and overall freshness. In no time, he decided to invest.

Rico Imbrogno and Luigi Cardillo Jr., Co-Owners of Riko’s Pizza, are excited about this new franchise. On meeting Haring and his business partner, both of them concluded that their excitement and passion were a perfect fit for the Riko’s Crew. In the next months, we’re eager to assist them in getting their Long Island site up and running, and we’re looking forward to celebrating the Grand Opening with them.

The new Riko’s Thin Crust Pizza address is yet to be made public. The authorities request Long Islanders to enjoy the existing Levittown and Mineola locations until the Long Island Riko’s Thin Crust Pizza is announced. The question remains open to speculation- is the new Riko’s Thin Crust Pizza the redeemer for Long Islanders?