The Inspiring Journey of Angila and Scott Allen with Minuteman Press

Small Business of the Year 2022

Angila and Scott Allen, proprietors of the Minuteman Press franchise in Brookfield, WI since July 2017, have steadily propelled their business to success over the past seven years. By adhering to the Minuteman Press system, actively engaging in community networking, leveraging the Minuteman Press Internet Marketing Program, and strategically expanding their operations, they have achieved remarkable growth. Their dedication and hard work have earned them recognition, as they are set to join the Minuteman Press International President’s Club for surpassing $1 million in gross sales for 2023.

Before embarking on their journey with Minuteman Press, Angila served as a loan originator for 15 years, while Scott brought nearly three decades of experience in real estate sales, development, and coaching to the table. Their combined expertise and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in their success.

Angila and Scott attribute their growth to five key strategies:

  1. Utilizing Accuzip for Mailings: By investing in Accuzip and bringing mailing services in-house, they have significantly enhanced efficiency and become the largest customer of the Brookfield Post Office.
  2. Increased Investment in Internet Marketing: They have expanded their investment in the Minuteman Press Internet Marketing Program, resulting in a steady influx of leads.
  3. Prioritizing Google Reviews: By focusing on garnering Google reviews, they have built credibility and trust among potential customers.
  4. Active Networking: Building relationships within business organizations has been instrumental in generating new orders and fostering partnerships.
  5. Client Referrals: Their dedication to delivering exceptional service has earned them referrals from satisfied clients.

In 2022, the expansion of their business premises brought several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Production Efficiency: The new space allowed for the acquisition of new equipment, resulting in faster job turnaround times.
  2. Improved Meeting Facilities: A new conference room facilitated meetings with clients and seminars, enhancing communication and collaboration.
  3. Increased Workspace for Staff: Graphic designers and production technicians now enjoy a more spacious and conducive work environment.

Angila reveals her three ‘secrets’ to achieving record sales:

  1. Emphasizing Teamwork: Their success is attributed to their cohesive team, committed to delivering exceptional service and continuous improvement.
  2. Utilizing FLEX Reports: Analyzing FLEX reports helps identify popular services and streamline operations.
  3. Investing in Business and Team Development: Equipping their team with the necessary tools and knowledge, coupled with daily production meetings, has been crucial in maintaining efficiency and cohesion.

In conclusion, Angila and Scott express gratitude for their dedicated team and the support of Minuteman Press International. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with ongoing improvements and support, positions them for continued success in serving their community and clients.

For more information about Minuteman Press in Brookfield, visit their website. Explore Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and reviews to learn more about joining the Minuteman Press family.

Angila and Scott Allen’s journey with Minuteman Press exemplifies the power of dedication, strategic planning, and teamwork in achieving business success. By focusing on key growth strategies, such as effective marketing, client engagement, and continuous improvement, they have not only surpassed significant sales milestones but also fostered a thriving business environment.

Their emphasis on investing in technology, fostering a supportive work culture, and actively seeking opportunities for business expansion highlights their commitment to staying ahead in a competitive market. Moreover, their dedication to providing exceptional customer service and building strong relationships within the community underscores the importance of personalized and customer-centric approaches in business growth.

As they continue to evolve and adapt to changing market dynamics, Angila and Scott’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and franchise owners. Through perseverance, innovation, and a relentless focus on excellence, they have not only achieved remarkable success but also established themselves as leaders in their industry.

Looking ahead, Angila and Scott’s continued dedication to their team, clients, and community will undoubtedly pave the way for further growth and prosperity. With a solid foundation in place and a clear vision for the future, they are well-positioned to continue making a positive impact in the business world and beyond.

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