Perspire Sauna Studio to Launch New Outlets Across the Nation

Perspire Sauna Studio
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Perspire Sauna Studio is United States’ quickest infrared sauna studio franchise. Recently, it signed nearly 50 franchise agreements. Perspire, which uses unique infrared lighting techniques to enhance visitors’ mental and body wellbeing, presently has 19 studios operating around the country. 

Perspire plans on launching in various locations like San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Des Moines, Colorado Springs, and Sarasota, FL, as part of recently signed franchise agreements, with three sites scheduled in San Diego, three spots arranged in Scottsdale, Arizona, four locations plotted in the Chicagoland area, and four locations scheduled in Southern Colorado. There are also plans for new outlets in Santa Monica, Brentwood, and McDonough, Georgia. Such new franchisees come from various disciplines, including healthcare, franchising, media relations and consultancy, and entrepreneurship.

Reportedly, Perspire Sauna Studio has appointed Alexandria “Lex” Gascon as their new Vice President of Marketing to assist the business to thrive as it expands fast. Lex holds a magna cum laude degree from Arizona State University and has 13 years of professional fitness experience, including managing a domestic and international franchise marketing team. Lex recently steered a rising fitness company through the COVID-19 crisis, launching 14 new locations and more than doubling the overall number of sites.

In the release, the CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio, Lee Braun, stated that their reach is spreading into many new states and key areas, demonstrating that people are placing a greater emphasis on their health and wellness than ever before. The company is excited to welcome Lex, a skilled marketing expert, to the Perspire team to continue the positive trend.

Perspire Sauna Studio was established in 2010 in Costa Mesa, California, and it began franchising in 2018 after eight years of running three corporate studios in Orange County. The company’s innovative sauna innovation and its clinical and slightly elevated red light treatment bar set them apart from its competition. The experience has been shown to enhance sleep, increase immunity, burn more calories, decrease inflammation, and provide a space for individuals to feel better in their minds and bodies.

Perspire is presently recruiting new franchisees in the following states: California, Florida, Texas, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, with its simple yet successful business strategy that combines low prices, minimum labor, and pandemic proof services. Even though no particular license, skills, or training is necessary, ideal applicants will need to have strong leadership or management experience and love and enthusiasm for health & wellness.