Minuteman Press Franchise in Sandy Springs, GA Relocates and Celebrates Grand Reopening

Minuteman Press Franchise
Minuteman Press Franchise

In a move aimed at enhancing its services and expanding its capabilities, the Minuteman Press franchise in Sandy Springs, Georgia, celebrated a grand reopening event at its brand new location in August 2023. Owned by Jon Wittenberg since July 2012, this franchise has been a stalwart in the community, providing essential printing and marketing services. The relocation to 7840 Roswell Road, Suite 315, within the Morgan Falls Office Park, marks a significant milestone for the business.

A Grand Reopening Celebration

The grand reopening event was a momentous occasion, marked by support from the Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce. Jon Wittenberg spared no expense in making it a memorable event. He shared, “I wanted to ‘show off’ a bit so I spent more on food and gifts than one would typically spend on a ribbon-cutting. That’s because I subscribe to ‘perception is reality.'”

With over a decade of experience running this franchise, Jon understood the importance of making a positive impression on both existing and potential clients. He added, “No one left empty-handed, and the food was excellent. People who looked around saw our capabilities on display in the lobby, and we gave tours to those that wanted to see up close how we make the magic happen.”

Support from the Chamber of Commerce

Jon expressed his gratitude for the Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce, emphasizing their willingness to perform a ribbon-cutting for an established business. Additionally, the event saw the presence of Dave Walton, the Regional Vice President, and Clay Trussell, the field representative, demonstrating the support and camaraderie within the Minuteman Press franchise network.

Benefits of the Relocation

The move to the new location brought several benefits to the franchise. Jon explained, “The relocation provides the opportunity to expand offerings produced on-site, leading to faster turnaround and better quality assurance. Flexibility was built in for adding more equipment in the future when conditions warrant. Employees are pleased to work in a more spacious environment. We are better able to display our capabilities in a larger lobby area, and customers/clients have space to sit and work with us when necessary.”

Expanding In-House Products

With the expanded space, Jon and his team are excited to add new products in-house. “We now offer on-site production of posters and small signs such as yard signs, rigid posters, etc., a segment we could not serve when we acquired the business in 2012,” Jon noted. This expansion aligns with the franchise’s mission to be a “one-stop print marketing shop for busy business people.”

The Journey to Entrepreneurship

Before embarking on his journey with Minuteman Press, Jon Wittenberg had an extensive background in accounting and finance, working for large corporations and as an independent consultant. Seeking a change, he explored various opportunities, eventually discovering Minuteman Press at a franchise expo.

Jon shared his perspective on the decision, saying, “I had not seriously considered a primarily business-to-business opportunity, but the more I looked into it, the more I believed in the Minuteman Press business model.”

Support and Flexibility

One of the strengths Jon emphasized is the support and flexibility provided by the Minuteman Press franchise system. “The franchise leverages the buying power of a high-volume company by negotiating national account agreements with a number of vendors,” Jon explained. This support network extends beyond procurement, allowing franchisees to seek advice and collaborate with experienced peers.

Jon also highlighted the autonomy franchisees have in operating their businesses. He noted, “At the same time, we are permitted to operate our business our way, sometimes unconventionally, such as offering fresh-baked cookies every day to customers or expending resources if it benefits our local market.”

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When asked for advice to aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners, Jon offered valuable insights. “Unless you are looking to serve a market that isn’t already served, look seriously at a franchise,” he advised. Jon stressed the importance of thorough research, comparing franchises that serve similar markets, and aligning the chosen franchise with one’s specific situation.

Moreover, Jon emphasized the significance of visiting existing franchisees to gain firsthand insights into their operations and marketing strategies. Learning from experienced franchisees can help anticipate potential challenges and refine one’s business approach.

Joining Minuteman Press in Sandy Springs

For those in the Sandy Springs, Georgia area, the Minuteman Press franchise is now located at 7840 Roswell Road, Suite 315, Sandy Springs, GA 30350. You can visit their website at Minuteman Press Sandy Springs for more information.

Explore Minuteman Press Franchise Opportunities

If you are interested in exploring Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and reading Minuteman Press franchise reviews, you can visit Minuteman Press Franchise to learn more.

The relocation and grand reopening of the Minuteman Press franchise in Sandy Springs, Georgia, signifies a significant milestone in its journey. With a commitment to expanding services, providing superior quality, and fostering a welcoming environment, Jon Wittenberg and his team are poised for continued success in their community. Jon’s entrepreneurial path from corporate finance to franchise ownership exemplifies the opportunities and support offered by the Minuteman Press franchise system, making it a compelling choice for aspiring business owners.

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