Razzamataz Theatre Schools Celebrates Franchisees’ Five-Year Milestone

Razzamataz Theatre Schools Celebrates
Razzamataz Theatre Schools Celebrates

Razzamataz Theatre Schools is rejoicing as two of its franchisees reach a significant five-year milestone. Matty Aitchison-Rayson took the reins at Razzamataz West Cumbria in 2018, marking a transformative journey since his start as a work experience placement with Razzamataz at the age of sixteen. Michaela Crumpton, franchisee of Razzamataz Bristol South, joined as a teacher and eventually seized the opportunity to become a Principal and multi-territory owner. Both franchisees have not only excelled in their schools but have also contributed significantly to the Razzamataz network.

Matty Aitchison-Rayson: A Remarkable Journey

Matty’s journey from a work experience placement to franchisee and Head Office team member has been nothing short of remarkable. He recently earned recognition by being shortlisted for the community award at the In-Cumbria Business Awards, highlighting the supportive environment he has fostered and the school’s importance in the local community.

Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz spoke highly of Matty, saying, “Matty is such a huge part of our network, both as a franchisee and as a committed member of the Head Office team, managing our West End productions alongside other team members is just one of his crucial roles.”

Matty’s flexibility as a Principal has allowed him to achieve personal and professional growth. Reflecting on his five years as a Razzamataz franchise partner and Principal at Razzamataz West Cumbria, he expressed immense pride in being part of the creative and inspiring network. He emphasized the support he has received from the Razzamataz community, stating, “Razzamataz isn’t just a job; it’s a thriving community where I’ve found unwavering support. Alone, I wouldn’t have achieved this remarkable five-year milestone.”

Michaela Crumpton: A Passionate Journey

Michaela Crumpton’s journey with Razzamataz began as a teacher, and she later seized the opportunity to become a Principal and a multi-territory owner with Razzamataz Bristol South. Her passion for ensuring that team members, students, and parents feel valued and have a voice in shaping the school environment has earned her multiple accolades, including a recent nomination for the MTM MUSIC, MEDIA & LIFESTYLE AWARDS 2023.

Denise Hutton-Gosney praised Michaela’s generosity in sharing her time and knowledge with fellow Principals, describing her as a positive force within the network. Michaela’s involvement in the Franchise Advisory Council and her willingness to give back have greatly contributed to Razzamataz’s success.

Becoming a franchisee has enabled Michaela to strike the perfect work-life balance, providing fulfillment both personally and professionally. She highlighted the rewards of owning a school for five years, witnessing the growth of students and staff, and reflecting on her own personal journey. She expressed that her adventure with Razzamataz is far from over.

Kate Ward: A Testament to Flexibility

Kate Ward from Razzamataz Southend has also renewed her contract, demonstrating the ultimate flexibility that Razzamataz offers its franchisees. Denise Hutton-Gosney commended Kate for successfully managing her school while being a busy mother of five. Razzamataz’s flexible work hours, school holidays off, and accommodating schedule have allowed franchisees like Kate to maintain a fulfilling work-life balance.

Razzamataz: Nurturing Creativity and Confidence

Founded on the core values of nurturing creativity, confidence, and life skills, Razzamataz Theatre Schools have been making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people since its inception. With franchises like Matty, Michaela, and Kate, Razzamataz continues to create a supportive and thriving network that transforms the lives of students and franchisees alike.

Razzamataz Theatre Schools celebrates the achievements of franchisees who have reached the remarkable five-year milestone. Matty Aitchison-Rayson and Michaela Crumpton have not only excelled in their schools but have also contributed significantly to the Razzamataz community. Their journeys exemplify the personal and professional growth opportunities that Razzamataz offers to franchisees, making it a fulfilling and rewarding choice for aspiring business owners.

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