Mr. Jeff becomes the first State-of-the-Art Laundry Franchise in the US

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Mr. Jeff Laundry Franchises is one of the most sought for laundry services in Latin America

For the people of the US, owning a laundromat and being in the laundry business would mean owning a coin-operated establishment with machinery, washers, and dryers open for public use. However, Mr. Jeff Laundry Franchises is a laundry service-providing unit that does it all for you. All you have to do is drop off your laundry at their door. The whole process is taken care of by their team along with the doorstep delivery. Mr. Jeff has become the first state-of-the-art Laundry Franchise in the US, with its first location in Miami.

“People think it’s a coin laundry. They’ll call me and say ‘hey, can I use your machine?’. Sergio Aguirre, the franchise owner of the first-of-its-kind tech-forward Laundry Franchise says, “I have to explain, you drop it off, we do it for you, it’s not a problem. I think it’s a model people aren’t used to, really.” 

After Mr.Jeff Laundry Franchises’ first location was all set to fully function in March 2022, there was development in the numbers seen by the end of May. Aguirre touts the success of the concept and its success when the University of Miami reopens to students in August. 

Mr.Jeff is a Spain-based company and is spread over 30 locations, worldwide. It’s quite popular in Mexico where Aguirre hails from. The company opened two corporate stores in New York City in 2021. Peter Stren, U.S. Managing Director for Mr.Jeff agrees that the people need to be educated about the door delivery laundry concept since it’s new to the conventional market. He adds, “Our strategy is to build density of stores in U.S. cities which will create immediate brand awareness, reduce customer acquisition costs, and present growth paths within territories for existing franchisee expansion.” 

Mr. Jeff Laundry franchise operates differently than any other laundromat. They take over an existing laundromat with the fixtures and hire people to carry forward the process. Those who are hired do all the chores washing, drying, and door-step delivery, their unique selling point to the business. The initial investment for Mr.Jeff ranges between $140,250 and $337,000, including the initial franchise fee of $25,000. 

About Mr.Jeff Laundry Franchises:

Having made its stand in Latin America, Spain, and parts of South-East Asia, Mr.Jeff Laundry Franchises is all set for the breakthrough in the US Franchise market bringing in modern ‘state-of-the-art’ Laundry Franchise. Jeff is a wellness services platform, an ecosystem of specialists that enhances the good life. They are covering more and more daily services in a refreshing and efficient way, with Beauty Jeff, Fit Jeff, and Relax Jeff following the footsteps of Mr. Jeff Laundry. 

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