Perspire Sauna Studio Franchise has no Sweat for 2022!

Perspire Sauna Studio
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Infrared sauna studio franchise Perspire Sauna Studio, the fastest-growing infrared sauna studio in the country, doesn’t have much to sweat about as it moves into 2022. The company said today that it had a record year of growth in 2021 and that it had a lot of great things happen at all of its 21 locations in the United States. There have been 60 new franchise locations awarded, eight new studios opened, and 1 million sauna sessions since the company started. The business has appointed Larry Layton as VP of Operations to help the brand get even better in 2022.

Perspire Sauna Studio will open franchisees in Chicago, Charlotte, and West Des Moines in 2021, making the brand’s total number of locations 21. Perspire reached a huge goal of giving guests 1 million sauna sessions since the company started. 358,258 of those happened in 2021, which shows that people are more interested in getting healthy after the pandemic. Demand for yoga studios will only rise in 2022, and Perspire is ready to meet it thanks to the recently signed franchise agreements that will bring studios to cities across the country.

It’s more important for people to take care of their health now than ever before, says Lee Braun, the founder and CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio. There is a growing trend for people to use saunas to get healthy. The enthusiasm and dedication of Perspire Sauna Studio franchise owners have made it possible to quickly open new studios and reach the huge goal of 1 million sessions hosted. People who start their businesses with the Perspire brand will help even more people over the next few years.

In part, that growth will come from Larry Layton, who joined the Perspire corporate team last month as VP of Operations and is now in charge of all operations at the company. Layton has worked for Fortune 500 companies like Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, and Taco Bell as part of the team. He has also helped grow regional and international brands like Farmer Boys and Pollo Campero. Layton worked as operations and franchise consultant in the past. He helped businesses grow faster by developing and putting strong operational tools and systems in place.

Larry Layton has also said that he is excited to work with a group of people who want to help their communities be healthy and happy. Health and wellness have been growing twice as quickly as the global economy in the last 6 years. It’s now the right time to start investing in this area. People at Perspire Sauna Studio think that 2022 will be a big year for them. This brand was built with a lot of thought and purpose, and Layton is excited to use his experience and work with the executive team and franchisees to spread wellness across North America.

Perspire Sauna Studio was founded in Southern California in 2010. It aims to improve the health of its customers’ minds and bodies by giving each person a unique experience. Thanks to its first-of-its-kind infrared lighting systems, people who go there can relax, unwind, and achieve their health and wellness goals. The brand has some of the most advanced technology in the sauna industry. It also has a medical-grade red light therapy bar and has a lot of red light. The experience has shown that it can help people get a good night’s sleep, boost their immune system, burn calories, reduce inflammation, and give them a place to let their minds and bodies feel better, among other things.

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