The Human Bean Brews Excitement as it Prepares to Open in Suwanee, GA

The Human Bean Brews Excitement as it Prepares to Open in Suwanee, GA
The Human Bean Brews Excitement as it Prepares to Open in Suwanee, GA

Excitement brews in Suwanee, Georgia as locals anticipate the arrival of The Human Bean, a nationally recognized coffee franchise with a locally-owned twist. Set to open its doors at 1085 Peachtree Industrial Blvd in Spring 2024, the franchise promises to bring more than just coffee to the community—it’s about fostering connections, serving up exceptional beverages, and spreading positivity one cup at a time.

Aaron Nickelson, the proud owner of the upcoming Suwanee location, along with his longtime friend, eagerly awaits the opportunity to introduce the area to The Human Bean experience. With a dedicated team of baristas ready to deliver top-notch products and unparalleled customer service, Nickelson envisions a welcoming atmosphere where patrons can enjoy their favorite brews with a signature chocolate-covered espresso bean on top.

“Our team is filled with excitement as we gear up for the grand opening,” shares Nickelson. “We’re prepared to share our passion and energy with the Suwanee community, serving up smiles and delicious beverages at our convenient drive-thru location.”

Founded over 25 years ago in southern Oregon, The Human Bean has grown from humble beginnings to become a beloved coffee brand with a national presence. Known for its cheerful baristas and commitment to sourcing sustainable coffee beans, The Human Bean stands out as a beacon of positivity and quality in the coffee industry. What sets the franchise apart is its focus on individual franchise ownership, allowing passionate entrepreneurs like Nickelson to bring the brand’s mission of “coffee with a smile” to their local neighborhoods.

Scott Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of the franchise, emphasizes the collaborative spirit that drives the brand’s success. “Our franchise partners play a vital role in creating a meaningful difference in their communities,” says Anderson. “Through their dedication to exceptional service and community engagement, they embody the spirit of The Human Bean.”

Part of the franchise’s commitment to giving back includes participating in fundraising events throughout the year, such as the annual Coffee for a Cure day in October. This initiative, embraced by all drive-thru locations, aims to raise funds for cancer prevention and treatment. In Suwanee, the upcoming drive-thru will contribute to local causes, with all proceeds staying within the community to support organizations chosen by the staff.

Beyond its philanthropic endeavors, The Human Bean is renowned for its diverse menu of specialty-grade coffee, real-fruit smoothies, whole-leaf teas, and hot breakfast items. Whether patrons are craving a classic espresso or looking to try something new, the franchise offers an array of delicious options to satisfy every palate.

To enhance the customer experience, The Human Bean provides convenient online resources, including a drink menu and Rewards App. Customers can explore the menu offerings and prepare for their visit to the Suwanee location, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable coffee experience. With over 260 locations across 21 states, the franchise continues to make its mark on communities nationwide. Each drive-thru stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and above all, customer satisfaction.

As Suwanee eagerly awaits the arrival of The Human Bean, anticipation builds for the warm smiles, delicious beverages, and positive energy that are sure to accompany every visit. Whether it’s a quick coffee on the go or a leisurely morning treat, The Human Bean invites locals to join in the excitement and become part of the ever-growing family of happy ‘Human Beans.’

About The Human Bean:

Driven by a passion for creating joyful experiences, The Human Bean is a renowned coffee franchise known for its friendly baristas, high-quality beverages, and innovative flavors. Since opening its first drive-thru espresso stand in Ashland, Oregon in 1998, The Human Bean has expanded to over 260 locations across 21 states. Committed to spreading positivity and serving communities, The Human Bean continues to delight customers with its exceptional coffee and welcoming atmosphere.

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