Schlotzsky’s Fast Casual Dining Franchise Signs 100 New Deals

Schlotzsky's, a renowned fast-casual dining franchise
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Schlotzsky’s, a renowned fast-casual dining franchise widely recognized for its bold flavors and iconic sandwich, The Original, confirmed today that it has finalized over 75 deals for new restaurants in 2021 in New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and other target areas across the United States, placing the company image on track to sign 100 new restaurant deals in 2021.

Schlotzsky’s eatery is a fast-casual dining franchise founded in 1971 and known for its oven-baked sandwich, The Original. The business began in Austin, Texas, and the made-to-order menu selections are still influenced by the city’s cuisine culture, with strong flavors and fresh ingredients.

Schlotzsky’s is celebrating its golden jubilee this year. The brand recently updated its design concept to effectively serve customers and fulfill their needs for ease and off-premises availability, resulting in positive growth and progress. The excellent pipeline at Schlotzsky’s demonstrates the brand’s resilience and popularity to both new and current franchisees.

According to the press release, Schlotzsky’s attempted to modify its restaurant architecture to suit customer needs, with 87 percent of businesses currently served off-premises. Consequently, in Q4 2020, the sandwich giant introduced the Design 1000 and Design 1800 models to increase off-premises operations with fewer real estate. As per the company, Design 1000 features two drive-thrus, one on each side of the restaurant, and a roadside takeout window, whereas Design 1800 has only one drive-thru with seating for 35 people.

Although drive-thrus have long been such a brand staple, with 85 percent of Schlotzsky’s restaurants having one, the latest concepts enable improved productivity to boost precision and agility for delivery, to-go, and catering. A drive-thru will be available at 99 percent of Schlotzsky restaurants in the future. The company has also tried to simplify its menu, which has been well welcomed by customers and is assisting in revenue development.

This summer, JJ Ramsey, a veteran Schlotzsky’s franchisee, inaugurated the first Design 1800 restaurant in Derby, Kansas, on August 12 and a second revised version in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Ramsey said in a statement, “It’s great to be a part of Schlotzsky’s development and progress, and we’re all excited to see the new prototype with improved operating efficiency appear.”

The fast-casual dining franchise, Schlotzsky’s, is in the middle of significant development through transformations and new buildings, with 329 franchise stores in 24 states and more on the way. There are still franchise possibilities in markets across the United States, including Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other major Midwest and Southeast regions. Source.