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The Good Feet Store
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With the inauguration of the 200th site of The Good Feet Store in cooperation with one of its experienced franchisees, Bridget Kelley, the market-leading manufacturer and retailer of quality, personalized arch supports for every foot and lifestyle has announced the opening of its 200th store. At 219 Daniel Webster Hwy Suite C1 in Nashua, New Hampshire, the new shop marks a significant milestone as the health and wellness brand and franchise prepares to significantly expand its national retail footprint over the next five years.

Richard Moore, CEO of The Good Feet Store, claimed that the company would have one of its best years of growth, sales, and expansion following the pandemic. Franchisees and investors alike are drawn to their successful business strategies. Because of their rising industry, increased awareness of arch supports’ benefits among a wider range of people, and the effectiveness of their products, they can keep expanding even in less assured retail times.

Over the past few years, brick-and-mortar store The Good Feet Store has witnessed tremendous development, and franchise agreements are in place to bring The Good Feet Store into most major U.S. areas by 2023.

As a category originator and leader, the brand has a unique chance to transform people’s lives throughout the globe. We need to aid his franchisees, like the highly successful Bridget Kelley, who has played a major part in developing Good Feet throughout New England since they are critical to realizing our objective. Because they believe in the business idea and have a deep desire to assist others to have better and healthier lives, they and their partners are devoted to improving the lives of others, one step at a time, via the power of walking.

Kelley has been in the franchising business for almost two decades. She is in charge of the Good Feet Stores in Boston, Rochester, Albany, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Fort Myers, FL, and other Northeast cities. Kelley plans to have seven locations in her regions by the end of the year, producing 30 new employees. Kelley expects to add another 20 positions to her regions by the end of the upcoming expansion.

For Kelley, her introduction to The Good Feet Store witnessed the positive impact it had on her sister’s life after receiving custom-made arch supports for her scoliosis-caused chronic foot discomfort.

My research into The Good Feet Store’s business and franchising strategy sparked my sister’s desire to help others after seeing how well it worked for her sister. Throughout the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a long-term partner who has helped me expand my business while also supporting my role in offering a health and wellness solution that she believes to New England’s diverse demographic and beautiful residents.

The Good Feet Arch Support Specialists offer a free consultation to anyone interested in investing in their health. The complementary in-store fitting involves a no-obligation test walk around the store to determine what feels and fits best to primarily measure a person’s arches instead of their shoe size. Please visit for additional information on The Good Feet Store and Good Feet Arch Supports.

With more than 200 retail locations worldwide, The Good Feet Store is an industry leader in producing and distributing custom-fitted arch supports. Good Feet Arch Supports are available in more than 300 different styles, flexibilities, and sizes, which may be customized to meet each customer’s individual needs and preferences. A manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty backs them. The Good Feet Store employs an end-to-end strategy to maximize performance and assure consistent quality.

Good Feet Arch Supports are made in Carlsbad, California, and distributed only to the company’s retail stores. Dedicated Good Feet Arch Support Specialists are on hand at every Good Feet Store location to provide consumers with a free, no-obligation, personal fitting. Visit to read consumer reviews of The Good Feet Store, and its Good Feet Arch Supports.

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