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Unleashed Brands
Unleashed Brands

Absolutely, here’s an expanded and rephrased version of the provided content regarding Unleashed Brands’ performance in the first three quarters of 2023:

Unleashed Brands, a pioneering franchise platform focused on youth enrichment, has demonstrated impressive strides during the initial three quarters of 2023, signaling a robust year-end performance. The company comprises a diverse range of category-leading brands, including Urban Air Adventure Park, Snapology, The Little Gym, XP League, Class 101, and Premier Martial Arts, all of which have significantly contributed to the company’s success, culminating in a notable surge of over 17% in systemwide revenue over the past year.

Throughout this period, Unleashed Brands and its various component companies have achieved several commendable milestones, underscoring their commitment to delivering top-notch services:

The Little Gym has excelled in financial performance, boasting a 15% year-over-year average gym revenue increase. Moreover, the brand has maintained a remarkable Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80.86, a testament to its high customer satisfaction levels.

Snapology experienced a substantial 23% year-over-year revenue growth and conducted its inaugural two-day virtual mid-year refresher, engaging over 50 franchisees across 27 workshops.

Class 101 celebrated a 14% year-over-year systemwide revenue increase, aiding more than 10,000 students in college acceptance processes and contributing to merit scholarship earnings surpassing $1.1 billion.

Premier Martial Arts registered a 9.1% systemwide revenue increase and an impressive NPS of 72.7, reflecting a 25% year-over-year increase in customer satisfaction. The Home Office Team facilitated over 37 Certified Instructor Training Events, resulting in the training of 230 new instructors.

XP League experienced a remarkable 400% year-over-year increase in new franchises and reported a 136% year-over-year growth in systemwide revenue. Notably, their North American Finals raised over $20,000 for charity.

Urban Air Adventure Park innovatively introduced exclusive attractions, achieving a 21% increase in food and beverage revenue in parks operating for 24 months or more. Additionally, the park witnessed a 55% NPS increase since January, signifying heightened customer satisfaction.

Beyond these achievements, Unleashed Brands has continued to expand its franchise base, awarding 154 new franchise agreements and opening 88 new locations in the initial three quarters of 2023. This expansion caters to the escalating demand for children’s services and family entertainment. Notably, 61% of the awarded and opened franchises are from existing Unleashed Brands franchisees reinvesting in the platform.

Michael O. Browning, Founder and CEO of Unleashed Brands, expressed enthusiasm for the company’s ongoing growth, stating, “We are delighted to witness Unleashed Brands’ sustained success in 2023. Our array of family-centric franchises continues to flourish as we remain devoted to empowering our franchisees and amplifying their profitability. We anticipate a robust conclusion to 2023 and remain steadfast in our mission to foster children’s learning, play, and growth, positively impacting families nationwide.”

For further insights into Unleashed Brands and existing opportunities, visit UnleashedBrands.com.

About Unleashed Brands:

Unleashed Brands currently encompasses a diverse portfolio including Urban Air, Snapology, The Little Gym, XP League, Class 101, and Premier Martial Arts. The company was established to curate and cultivate a collection of the most innovative and profitable brands that facilitate children’s learning, play, and growth. Over the past decade, the team at Unleashed Brands has honed a proven platform for scaling businesses aimed at serving families. The core mission is to impact the lives of every child by delivering fun, engaging, and inspirational experiences that assist them in realizing their potential. Visit UnleashedBrands.com for more information.

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