Valhallan Esports League Paving Milestones with Rise to Ragnarok

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Bringing together education, lids skills, and inclusive competition to the world of Esports, Valhallan is an expanding Esports training company. The Houton-based company spear-headed the creation of the Valhallan Esports league (VHEL) followed by the merger of the United Federation of Esports Athletes (UFEA) league and the North American Esports League (NAEL). The league hence formed is confirmed to take place on January 14-15,2023 which will be a free competition.

The new league is starting with the call for teams for the ‘Rise of Ragnarok’ tournament. This is a free virtual event and includes a fair space for competition among the top players in the states. The league has brought back the premier games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Overwatch2, Valiant, and Apex Legends. 

Christopher Baarstard, the Vice President of tournament operations, praised the concept and organization of Valhallan. He is positive that the contenders enter into a healthy competition space. Similar to traditional team sports, the players learn inclusiveness and sportsmanship. Furthermore, Christopher sees a positive impact of the launch of the free Ragnarok series by VHEL. The mentioned event is aimed at providing an engaging platform for the players. 

The teams participating require an adult/moderator/coach to register and represent for the following games’ team registrations- Overwatch 2®, Valorant®, and Rocket League®. 

The virtual event will be paneled by Chris Baarstad, Vice president of League Operations, Valhallan Esports League; Matt Phillips, Brand President, Valhallan; and Kyle Taylor. Moreover, the competition not just provides a free space but also has confirmed accolades to the winners. Interested enthusiasts must be thirteen and above years of age to be eligible to register. To know more about the format of the tournament, and the detailed rules and regulations, visit, here Discord and Rise to Ragnarok (

The merging of the NAEL and UFEA has opened ways to bountiful opportunities. This is likely to benefit both the engaging individuals and the franchise owners, viewing the demand.  

More about Valhallan Franchise:

Valhallan is based out of Houston, Texas. It is an ensemble of video game enthusiasts, Esport supporters, business owners for entrepreneurs, and gamers. The Valhallan team is seasoned in building platforms, curricula, training systems, and franchise brands. Founded in 2012, the company kicked started its franchising in 2022. 

Valhallan supports the fact that esports promote the same amount of courage, communication accessibility, and sportsmanship as any other traditional sports does. With the new-age technology, Valhallan has been able to build programs that offer premier esports. Their aim is to impart life skills in a fun and inclusive environment.

Valhallan provides all the necessary tools and services needed to launch an esports arena. For gaming enthusiasts or aspiring franchisees, Valhallan has a series of offerings such as Owning and operating an esports franchise. The franchise also encourages enthusiasts to manage players and teams as well as host and participate in tournaments. Furthermore, developing gaming mastery, and teaching valuable life skills are also on the chart. While Valahallan extends a massive global platform for gaming enthusiasts, it also imparts training and support for those who want to learn.


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