Houston To Welcome Its First Perspire Sauna Studio

Houston To Welcome Its First Perspire Sauna Studio
Houston To Welcome Its First Perspire Sauna Studio

New Year, is not just a new year but remarks new beginnings for Houston dwellers. Perspire Sauna Studio Franchise is a premier infrared and red light therapy sauna franchise. It is due to be established in Houston in the early months of the new year. With its first-ever location in Houston, Perspire Sauna is all set to break through the first quarter of 2023. Prior to the recent developments in Houston, the franchise reached markets in the Lone Star State.

Corinne Manetto and Jean Lopez, the entrepreneurs responsible for the Lone Star State location, have helped with the latest developments. For over forty-two years Lopez is a martial arts instructor and business owner. Lopez has secured a good reputation in the community. Manetto is a medical psychologist in the cancer treatment arena. She has always been positive about the effects of infrared therapy as a treatment option for her patients for over two decades. 

Lopez, being a resident of Houston, sees a steep growth in the major markets with the demand for the sauna studio. Furthermore, the bigger-than-life attitude of the Houston residents and dwellers supports an ecosystem. And this ecosystem supports the growth of franchise businesses such as Perspire Sauna to emerge, evolve, and en masse.

According to Manetto, Houston constitutes the largest medical community among all the states. Moreover, she sees an acceptance of the treatments offered by Perspire Sauna Studio Franchise. Manetto further added, coupled with the currently existing resources, Perspire franchise concept would only reap benefits. Subsequently, the franchise concept is surely going to open gates for many interested business owners to establish a franchise. 

Without reservation, Perspire Sauna franchise’s strategy to hit the Houston market could gain some major stand for the franchise as a whole. The franchise is keen on meeting franchisees to rule the wellness segment. The franchise is looking forward to associating with single-unit and multi-unit franchisees. 

If you are an aspiring franchisee looking to spread their wings and be a part of a wellness team, look for the franchising opportunities Wellness Franchise Opportunities: Perspire Infrared Sauna Franchise (perspiresaunastudio.com)

More about Perspire Sauna Studio Franchise:

Founded by Lee Braun in 2010, Perspire Sauna Studio is a strong competitor in the wellness segment. The concept of the franchise is well thought out and aims at getting the customers science-backed results. The concept is technology-led and features some age-old traditions in the most sophisticated way possible. The franchise is customer-experience centric. Hence brought to its customers the best of sauna experiences inspired by the traditional saunas dating back as far as 7000 BC from African and Finnish Cultures.

Since its inception, the franchise has been able to grow and deliver to a large demanding market. The franchise is operating over 30 locations across 20 states and an additional 30 are under development. With the future expansion prospects in the pipeline, the franchise is looking for suitable franchisees to undertake single-unit and multi-unit franchise ownership options. 

For further details on the franchise, visit here: Join us at Perspire Infrared Sauna Studio for your health and wellness (perspiresaunastudio.com)

For Franchise FAQs, visit here: Franchise Info – Perspire Sauna Studio


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