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The Entrepreneur 500 rankings are making quite an impression among aspiring franchise owners and the franchise Fraternity. In the emerging franchise segment, two franchises in the Yard sign Rental business have made it to the top 10 of the listing.

These franchises are

  1. Card My Yard
  2. Sign Gypsies

About Card My Yard :

Securing the #4 rank, Card My Yard is a yard greeting service based in Austin, Texas. The company is owned by Mom Duo- Amy Arnold and Jessica Stanley. The company started in 2014 and now running with more than 450 franchise locations in the United States.

The services provided by the owners extend customized greetings for every occasion and celebration. This is done in a most unconventional way of getting the greetings out in the yards of the customer. The franchise offers most out of the box experience.

Card My Yard began franchising in 2017 and is now spread across the country. As an emerging franchise, Card My Yard is actively looking for franchisees.

The Franchise system is headed by Josh Arnold, the Franchise Growth Officer. The franchise financial requirements and the ongoing fees lie in the mid to optimal level of expenditure in this segment. The initial franchise fee is $8,000, and the initial investment is $9,800- $18,000. However, the royalty fee is 25% and the term of the agreement comes in for a term of seven years.

Card My Yard Franchise offers work-from-home opportunities and hence the easy access pushes its growth to another level. The franchise has secured rank#13 as the Fastest Growing Franchise in 2022, ranked #4 as the Top New Franchises, and ranked #270 in the Franchise 500 ranking in 2023.

To know more about Card My Yard, Franchising opportunities, visit Join Our Team (cardmyyard.com)

About Sign Gypsies :

‘Sign Gypsies®’ is a custom yard greeting rental service that helps to spread JOY, INSPIRE, and CONNECT with the communities.

Founded in 2014, Sign Gypsies, LLC is headquartered in Celina, Texas. Led by the Franchise Development Officer, Jason Hess, Sign Gypsies has grown to 770 units in 2022.

The initial franchise fee stands at $1,000 while the initial investment is $4,150 – $9,500. Unlike, Card My Yard, the term of the agreement is only 1 Year.

The franchise has secured rank #264 in 2023, Entrepreneur 500 rankings and Ranked #1 in the 2023- Yard Sign Rentals Category.

Being one of the franchises with low cost, the franchise is soaring heights in terms of success as an emerging new franchise. The best part about being a Sign Gypsy is that it’s flexible and fun. Though it’s important to dedicate plenty of time to your business, about half of our location owners also work a full-time job.

To know more about the franchising opportunities with Sign Gypsies, visit: Franchise Opportunities – Sign Gypsies

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