Marlon Sullivan on his First Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise

Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise

Marlon Sullivan began his executive career as a business analyst, working in Fortune 500 organizations to improve their procedures and systems. He returned to school throughout his experience to further his education in finance and business.

Marlon began franchising Tropical Smoothie Cafe with business partner Cesar Coronado, Jr., working as a corporate executive. In 2020, they established their first two cafés in the Chicago region. His franchise success story exemplifies the many advantages of franchising with Tropical Smoothie Cafe, a brand experiencing continued development and momentum.

Marlon launched his first Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise in May 2020 and followed it up with a second in October. Marlon was completely sold on the franchising model’s attractiveness. The menu of Tropical Smoothie Cafe is designed to be as convenient as possible for the consumer, including dine-in, pickup, delivery, and online and mobile app ordering.

According to Marlon Sullivan, Tropical Smoothie Cafes were increasing by double digits, so he saw a lot of promise. He found the leadership team to be devoted to the brand and wellbeing, which left a favorable impression throughout his initial meetings. 

Marlon and his business partner were especially impressed with their help on the path to their first grand opening, from assisting with the real estate team, design and construction, training, and operations, all of which contributed to the event’s business and community success.

Marlon was intrigued by Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s unique advocate for healthier living. Learning about the brand’s potential and growth comforted him that Tropical Smoothie Cafe was a company worth investing in.

Marlon discovered that serving smoothies and meals is a significant differentiation for Tropical Smoothie Cafes vs. other smoothie competitors; this results in a higher than average ticket per person of $10.68 and an AUV of $1,079,747* for the top 50% of Cafes in 2020.

Marlon and his business partner sought to engage in an award-winning franchise opportunity that would enable them to develop a legacy and diversify their business portfolio. They recognized the proven model and security that franchising brings.

Today, Marlon and his partner have shifted their focus more heavily toward franchising and have been more committed to expanding their Tropical Smoothie Cafe business footprint. While retaining his corporate employment, Marlon’s commitment to diversification has propelled him to succeed in franchising.

Marlon and Cesar will join the approximately 950 Tropical Smoothie Cafe sites nationwide, with 70% of existing Franchise Owners expanding. And now, the recognition is beginning to pour in. He and his business partner were selected “Rookies of the Year” at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Annual Franchisee Awards Ceremony earlier this year.

Visit the website if you are interested in owning a Tropical Smoothie Cafe and joining their team of dedicated Franchise Owners.

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