Michele Maerz: Driving Success and Growth in the Restaurant Industry

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Michele Maerz is an accomplished brand operator and experienced leader in the restaurant industry. With a strong background in team building, organizational growth, and operational excellence, Maerz has made a significant impact throughout her career. Her expertise spans various areas, including new restaurant openings, training, P&L financials, hospitality management, customer service, and sales building. With a demonstrated track record of success, Maerz has consistently driven growth and achieved outstanding results. This article explores her professional journey, highlighting her key accomplishments and contributions to the industry.

Early Career and Foundation 

Michele Maerz’s journey in the restaurant industry began with her education at North Harris Junior College. Armed with a strong foundation, she embarked on a career path that would see her rise through the ranks and make a significant impact on the brands she worked with. Her early experience at Brinker International provided her with a solid understanding of operational excellence and laid the groundwork for her future success.

Operational Excellence and Leadership 

Maerz’s tenure at BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. as an Area Vice President allowed her to showcase her leadership skills and operational expertise. Over a span of ten years, she oversaw the opening of 23 new restaurants across the country and successfully managed operations in a diverse range of locations, from California to Florida. Her ability to drive operational excellence, implement effective systems and processes, and foster a positive work culture contributed to the consistent success of the brand.

Further Career Advancements

Following her tenure at BJ’s Restaurants, Inc., Maerz served as a Regional Director of Operations at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, where she oversaw operations in Texas and Northern California. Her leadership and commitment to excellence contributed to the growth and success of the brand. Maerz then joined On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina as a Regional Vice President of Operations, where she was responsible for leading operations in multiple states. During her time at On The Border, she demonstrated her ability to drive growth and deliver exceptional results.

Leading Salata Salad Kitchen to Success

Maerz’s most recent role as the President of Salata Salad Kitchen showcases her continued commitment to excellence and driving growth. Since joining the company as the Vice President of Operations in 2021, she has played a crucial role in improving operational procedures, launching new menu items, and solidifying partnerships to open new revenue streams. Her focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiencies has positioned Salata for continued success and expansion. Under her leadership, Salata aims to double its restaurant count over the next five years, making healthy and customizable meal options more accessible to communities across the country.

Michele Maerz’s success story in the restaurant industry is a testament to her exceptional leadership skills, operational expertise, and commitment to excellence. Throughout her career, she has consistently driven growth, improved operational efficiencies, and fostered strong team dynamics. From her early years at Brinker International to her current role as President of Salata Salad Kitchen, Maerz has made a significant impact in every organization she has been a part of. Her dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and her strategic vision for growth continue to shape the success of the brands she leads. As she continues to drive Salata’s expansion and success, the future looks promising for Michele Maerz in the dynamic world of the restaurant industry.