The Story of Shannon Wilburn, CFE of Just Between Friends

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Shannon Wilburn is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a successfully demonstrated history of working in the franchising industry. She has a robust professional temperament with multiple talents across different areas. Shannon is skilled in Event Management, Budgeting, Advertising, Sales, Nonprofit Organizations, and Entrepreneurship. Shannon is a very famous woman for all the hard work she has put into the franchise community. Shannon earned her certification as a Certified Franchise Executive from the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives. Shannon is well known for having a strong belief in the faith.

Shannon Wilburn worked as an Elementary Teacher before working in the franchise industry. She tutored students at Union Public Schools in the Tulsa region. Shannon taught the students from 5th grade at McAuliff Elementary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shannon also volunteered for various humanitarian causes while working at Just Between Friends. Shannon also serves as a Co-Owner at Coal Creek Farm Jenks. Coal Creek Farm Jenks is a 15-acre agricultural farmland open for tourists to visit and capture memories.

Just Between Friends Franchise System, Inc. is a franchise-based business that assists families in keeping up with their growing kids. Just Between Friends was created to offer a platform to families seeking or selling items required for growing kids. JBF hosts a marketplace bi-annually to build communities of many families. Families can save or make thousands of dollars by exchanging kids’ items. JBF was founded in September 1997 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Shannon Wilburn.

Coal Creek Farm Jenks is an open farm available for tourists in Jenks, Oklahoma, United States. Coal Creek Farm Jenks was founded in 2018 to provide tourists with a pleasant experience. It is a 15-acre wooded farm location for those who want to make and capture memories. It is located between South Tulsa and Jenks, Oklahoma. It is covered with dense trees, a river rock bed, open fields, a stream, bushes, a barn, a creek, rocking chairs, a tractor, an arbor, and several swings. Photographers can create many looks without the need to leave the farm.

Shannon Wilburn completed her education with a bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Arts from Abilene Christian University. She studied there between 1988 to 1992 with majors in Elementary Education. Shannon was an active member of the Sigma Theta Chi Social Club at the university and the Sing Song club. She graduated from her schooling at the LD Bell school in 1988. She has also earned her certification from the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives (ICFE) as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE).

Shannon Wilburn is a highly respected figure in the world of franchises and in her community. Her support for humanitarian causes is unparalleled by anyone around. Shannon has been featured in numerous media, including blogs, podcasts, magazines, and digital interviews. Shannon strongly believes in helping others and giving back to the community always.

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