6 Strategies to Scale your Franchise in 2022

6 Strategies to Scale your Franchise in 2022
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As we near the year-end, it is time to reflect on strategies to scale your franchise in 2022. For many, consistent growth in sales, location expansion, and customer base has taken place; however, growth brings more opportunity for inconsistencies and stress. Here are six ways for franchisees to take their business to the next level.

Brand Standardization

A franchisee buys into a brand—it’s profitability, structure, and marketing strategy. However, a franchisor cannot present at every location every day to help develop and sustain brand expectations. Maintaining and strengthening brand identification is important for franchise success. Consumers may be confused if the brand messaging is inconsistent between units. Continuity between units permits the message to be easily received by the target audience wherever they are. To attain this level of continuity, field operations teams can frequently audit performance and find inefficiencies.

Embracing Technology

To achieve goals and strategies, productivity and success are generally linked. Being effective as a franchise grows is difficult. Using technology to manage operations, processes, and marketing can increase productivity. Franchise operations management software allows franchisors to build, manage, and support multi-unit locations easily. This technology allows franchisors and franchisees to focus on strategy and sales rather than negotiating obsolete systems.

Robust Operations

The relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee begins when a franchisee signs a location agreement. An experienced operations team must train, support, and guide the franchisee to success. Brand expansion may be difficult without a robust franchise operation. An online comprehensive operations handbook, a mechanism to communicate and measure performance, and a platform to engage with your field operations team and the franchisee can help support new and existing franchisees.

Effective Communication

Being a small business owner is difficult, so many entrepreneurs join a franchise system. They are buying into a brand, but they are also purchasing into a network of other business owners and a corporate support team. Communication is crucial in developing a franchisor-franchisee connection. More possibilities to provide support and eventually develop the business arise via regular email communication, face-to-face visits, and a digital platform for franchisees to engage with corporate officials.

Priority Customer Service

It’s no surprise that customer service is vital to a franchise’s success. To increase sales and customer loyalty, franchisors should always emphasize customer service. First impressions matter; thus, franchisees should always provide a memorable client experience. To assist franchisees with customer service, franchisors should give tools and training. Whatever the situation, it is critical that all concerns are taken seriously and addressed promptly.

Continued Training

Training is vital to the success of a franchise. It is one of the vital strategies to scale your franchise in 2022. Franchisees need to be educated on new initiatives or refresher materials that may have gotten lost along the way. For fast-growing franchises, video and visual technologies are critical. A franchisee can access crucial information from any device, and the franchisor can track training effectiveness through reports.

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