Outsource Franchise Marketing in 2022: Things to Know

Outsource Franchise Marketing
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Should you or should you not outsource your franchise marketing? Is it increased liability or profit? Is it worth your investment? Some of you may think that “I would get into brainstorming if I need to outsource my marketing activities when I reach certain stability.” But, no, stop right there and rethink your strategy. It is 2022 round the corner, and you should be rather strategic about deciding whether or not you should outsource your franchise marketing.

Outsourcing franchise marketing may sound like a big-budget exercise meant for big brands. No. Outsourcing is not always outsourcing to overseas marketing agencies somewhere in Asia. You can very well outsource to an agency close to your enterprise, although outsourcing to a developing nation is cost-effective from a monetary perspective.

We recommend you consider outsourcing your franchise marketing right from the beginning of your business so that you can focus on the business part. When you delegate your marketing activity to an external agency, it helps you with a lot of white space to think about your strategic growth and focus on your people development and quality parameters.

When you outsource your marketing initiatives to an external agency, you invite diversity in your business representation. Your in-house franchise marketer is a bigger responsibility financially than an external agency. You don’t have to think of governing regulations to do with recruitment. You have easy access to global franchise marketing ideas ready for infusion.

Whether you are a food franchise owner or spa or gym; whether you have invested in a creche franchise or a service-based franchise, franchises have it tough in the beginning until the unit has gained a good amount of exposure. Yes, it helps if you have invested in a big brand already, but the success of a particular unit in a specific location is wholly based on you.

When you invest in a big brand name such as a McDonald’s or a Gong Cha Franchise, you will receive a lot of marketing support. These brands will likely help you with communication and branding material; they will train your people on customer service and your design team with brand design templates. But think, why did you get into franchising?

The answer to the above question is to make money (say this without filter) and then build on something existing, but it is still about building a brand through expansion. In this approach, imagine the feeling when consumers would particularly choose to visit your unit, give you more business, and help you stay profitable. 

You wouldn’t be able to achieve the marketing success of your franchise unless you assign dedicated resources, even if it is only one person but external to your organization. It is in this work equation; you will have a guaranteed return on investment. Unlike an in-house associate, you will not have to think of granting leave with pay.