BoeFly Empowers Batteries Plus Franchisee to Illuminate California with a Second Store!

BoeFly Empowers Batteries Plus Franchisee to Illuminate California with a Second Store!
BoeFly Empowers Batteries Plus Franchisee to Illuminate California with a Second Store!

In a groundbreaking move for franchise financing, BoeFly, a trailblazing financial technology company specializing in franchise solutions, proudly announces the triumphant success of Jeff Hirth, a seasoned Batteries Plus franchisee. With an impressive two decades of experience under his belt, Jeff has successfully secured funding through BoeFly’s innovative platform, propelling the expansion of his Batteries Plus franchise empire in California. This financial feat was made possible with BoeFly’s seamless support, enabling Jeff to light up a second location in the vibrant city of Camarillo.

Illuminate and Elevate: Jeff Hirth’s Radiant Franchise Journey

Jeff Hirth’s franchise journey commenced in 2003 when he, in tandem with his father Gary, unfurled the doors of their inaugural Batteries Plus store in Thousand Oaks, California. Fast forward to the present day, and BoeFly has played a pivotal role in Jeff’s entrepreneurial story, facilitating the realization of his vision to extend franchise operations with a brand-new store in Camarillo.

Gratitude and Recommendation from Jeff:

Expressing his gratitude, Jeff Hirth remarks, “I’m grateful to BoeFly for helping me finance my second Batteries Plus. They made the process easy, and I would recommend them to all franchisees looking for financing.” Jeff’s glowing endorsement attests to BoeFly’s commitment to simplifying financial complexities, providing franchisees with the essential support needed to fuel their growth.

Batteries Plus: Illuminating Success Nationwide

As the nation’s largest and fastest-growing battery franchise, Batteries Plus boasts an extensive network of over 700 locations throughout the United States. The brand has solidified its position as the leading omnichannel retailer of batteries, specialty light bulbs, and phone repair services, serving millions of customers across the nation.

Victor Daher’s Insights:

Victor Daher, Vice President of Franchise Development at Batteries Plus, expresses his satisfaction with BoeFly’s role in supporting their development efforts. “BoeFly continues to provide vital support to our development efforts,” says Daher. “We are pleased, though not surprised, to learn that Jeff has had a positive experience working with them to secure his needed startup financing.”

Mike Rozman’s Vision:

Mike Rozman, CEO and Co-Founder of BoeFly emphasizes the importance of offering support to franchisees like Jeff who aspire to expand their ventures. “We’re fortunate to offer our support to franchisees like Jeff who aspire to grow their existing ventures,” states Rozman. “Our team is committed to simplifying the intricacies of the financial landscape, helping business owners channel their efforts towards achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions within thriving brands like Batteries Plus.”

About BoeFly: Pioneering Financial Technology for Franchise Success

Founded in 2009, BoeFly stands as a leading financial technology company dedicated to delivering innovative online tools and solutions to accelerate business growth. Guided by a team of franchising and finance industry experts, BoeFly excels in identifying market gaps and creating tailored solutions to meet evolving needs. At the core of its offerings is a proprietary Franchise Sales and Finance System designed to address the fundamental needs of franchise brands and small businesses throughout the entire process.

BoeFly’s data-driven system and robust online marketplace connect borrowers with a diverse array of banks and specialty finance companies. With over $7 billion in transactions and support for more than 600 unique franchise brands, BoeFly’s pioneering technology caters to businesses at all stages of development. From established brands with thousands of locations to emerging franchisors and startups, BoeFly offers flexible options to serve the diverse landscape of entrepreneurial ventures.

BoeFly’s strategic alliance with Batteries Plus franchisee Jeff Hirth is a testament to its unwavering commitment to empowering franchisees in their pursuit of growth and success. This illuminating collaboration signifies a bright future for Batteries Plus and underscores BoeFly’s pivotal role in shaping the landscape of franchise financing.

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