Ex-VP of Nike, Ryan Flaherty Joins Orangetheory® Fitness

Ryan Flaherty Joins Orangetheory®
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On Dec 21, 2021, Orangetheory Fitness announced the induction of Ryan Flaherty as the Chief Fitness and Product Officer, starting immediately. Flaherty will design creative, competent coach education to assure best-in-class fitness programs that will continue to expand and enhance an exceptional member experience as a company dedicated to providing folks with a healthier, more vibrant existence.

Ryan Flaherty was most recently Nike’s Vice President of Performance and Activity before his appointment. He was in charge of everything training-related, including sleep, nutrition, training, mindset, and recovery. Flaherty collaborated closely with Nike’s digital team and programmed the Nike Training Club app; he also launched the company’s first-ever podcast.

Earlier, Ryan was also in charge of developing the Athlete Service model for Nike’s Tier 1 athletes and managing the Nike Performance Council. He trained Serena Williams, Russell Wilson, and Saquon Barkley. Flaherty was the founder of Prolific Athletes, a performance training center where he trained over 500 elite athletes before joining Nike.

Orangetheory Fitness co-founder and CEO Dave Long stated that Ryan had committed his career to studying and nurturing high performance among athletes. Ryan’s knowledge, according to Dave, will influence our future strategy and, as a result, offer a more dynamic training experience for our members. Dave couldn’t think of a more suitable specialist to take on the role and welcome him to the Orangetheory Fitness family.

Ryan Flaherty informed the media that he had joined Orangetheory Fitness because his passion for helping people live happier and healthier lives through exercise perfectly aligns with the company’s objective. He feels Orangetheory Fitness is positioned to be the leading brand in exceptional fitness; Orangetheory can assist even more individuals on their health and wellness journeys through its studio and digital experiences. Ryan is honored to be a part of the wonderful leadership team and thousands of incredible coaches worldwide.

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