Ground Breaking Advances for TruBlue Total House Care Franchise and California’s Comfort Keepers

TruBlue Total House Care Franchise and Comfort Keepers' strategic alliance to serve Modesto residents.
TruBlue Total House Care Franchise and Comfort Keepers' strategic alliance to serve Modesto residents.

TruBlue Total House Care Franchise and California’s Comfort Keepers; strategic alliance to take a grand opportunity to serve Modesto residents. With multi-unit franchisee, Vince Maffeo on board from Comfort Keepers TruBlue is thrilled to welcome Maffeo into the system. 

Vince Maffeo had a successful sales and marketing career, before diving deep into the franchising world.  Maffeo started his franchising career 15 years ago while assisting his father in running Comfort Keepers Franchises in 2008. He now owns units throughout California.

Maffeo’s proven franchise records are a valuable addition to TruBlue Total House Care Franchise. Vince Maffeo, with the TruBlue Alliance, aims at creating a one-stop value shop. The partnership will bring in a total package of care to seniors in all aspects. From assisting the seniors inside the house to taking care of the maintenance requirements of the house, All will be taken care of.

Maffeo is of the opinion that the addition of TruBlue will bring more convenience to the picture. Since the average age group of the clients at Comfort Keepers is between 80-83, the alliance is a value addition.

The subscription service TruBlue Total House care offers assistance both inside and outside of the house. Seniors can receive continuous services like home maintenance, handyman repairs, and to-do list tasks. Franchisees of TruBlue also have the capability to provide senior home safety assessments. 

Maffeo has also kept in mind the ‘baby boomers’- adults of age 65 and above. Recent developments suggest the location for the new TruBlue, under Vince Maffeo, at Modesto. The location is set to open anytime in 2023. 

The one-stop shop will look into providing assistance to seniors and busy adults in the Modesto area.

About TruBlue Total House Care:

TruBlue is the only national provider that specializes in Total House Care for Seniors which helps them stay in their homes longer. The franchise offers home safety assessments to ensure the best living environment, install safety bars in the bathtubs, clean the house, change air filters, handle emergency repairs, and many more. The franchise’s services extend ongoing help and support for seniors living at home.  Additionally, TruBlue’s recurring service offering allows seniors and busy families to stay on top of routine maintenance, offering a range of services that are scheduled throughout the year.

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About Comfort Keepers:

Comfort Keepers is an in-home senior care unit that has ruled the senior care industry for two decades. Founded in 1998, Comfort Keepers is headquartered in Irvine, California. The approach that the organization has imbibed starts with Interactive Caregiving and Elevating Human Spirit. This care is compassionate care that focuses on activating the mind, body, healthy habits, and a safe home environment. 

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