KFC Foundation Wins Hearts: Makes College Degree Accessible To Employees

KFC Foundation partners with WGU Onlline learning.
KFC Foundation partners with WGU Onlline learning.

Only if there was any way to make the workplace the best among the lot, KFC be on the verge to win it. The KFC Foundation has partnered with Western Governors University to make the College Degree accessible to its employees. The foundation announced on 25th January 2023 that KFC Restaurant employees will have the opportunity to receive 100 percent paid tuition when attending WGU to earn their degree. (under given eligibility criteria)

Those employees of KFC restaurants who are eligible to avail of the college degree have access to more than 60 programs. These include both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as certification programs. The option also lays the degrees in varied fields like business, information technology, healthcare, and education.

The KFC Foundation Program is non-competitive. Therefore tuition will be paid for all eligible employees who apply and enroll. Moreover, the perks can be availed from day one of employment.

Every month, WGU also provides rolling starting dates. This gives KFC restaurant employees the freedom to sign up whenever they are ready to take online classes.

Emma Horn, The Executive Director of the KFC Foundation has mentioned the success of the programs offered at the KFC Foundation. Horn states that the flexible college degree program from Western Governors University can fit seamlessly into the schedules of the employees.

About Western Governors University:

WGU is an accredited online university. It is the top academic institution that follows a unique method of examining students. The university’s learning and advancement are based on competency rather than semester completion. To add to it, students advance in the program as soon as they demonstrate mastery of the abilities in a course that rigorous evaluation.

This competency-based education is especially effective for learners who are already employed., This gives them control over their learning pace and may allow them to move more quickly through the degree program.

With the purpose to increase access to high-quality, affordable higher education, 19 U.S. governors founded the online, nonprofit WGU in 1997. Today, WGU serves more than 135,000 students nationally and has more than 300,000 graduates in all 50 states. WGU has been hailed as a successful model for post-secondary education by the White House, state leaders, companies, and students.  In 25 years, the university has emerged as a major force in transforming the lives of people and families and educating the workforce required in the quickly changing modern economy.

More about the KFC Foundation:

The KFC Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Founded in 2006, the foundation is dedicated to assisting employees to feel empowered. The solid numbers that prove the efficiency of the organization are that over 9,000 students have been awarded $ 25 million. The organization is giving back to society in these terms.

As an add-on, the organization offers 24/7 free counseling over text, with a trained crisis counselor.

For more information about the WGU program for KFC restaurant employees, visit : WGU – KFC Foundation

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