Moxies Franchise Introduces Canadian Concept to SouthLake

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The first Moxies franchise in the United States was established by Paul Randle when he relocated from Winnipeg, Canada, to Texas, in 2016. He has expanded his company’s presence in the United States by opening franchise locations in Houston, Miami, and Southlake in 2020.

Scottsdale and Ft. Lauderdale are also home to a Moxies franchise, with the latter set to open within the year. A total of sixty-four Moxies restaurants are located throughout Canada, with fourteen owned by Randle.

In addition to Randle, the restaurants’ operations manager Drew Smith and culinary director Steven Chute are Canadians who came to the United States with him.

In Smith’s words, the environment at Moxies is “energetic,” which she attributes in part to the usage of textiles throughout the establishment. He continues it’s important to them that everything works together to create a pleasant, sophisticated, and coastal atmosphere.

Using lighter greens, pistachio and golds to create an attractive ambiance, along with an incredible staff makes everything work together, delivers a unique experience of the entire ambiance.

Attempts have been made to recruit team members with a high level of energy and a strong sense of hospitality to ensure that their presence compliments the rest of the environment.

Brandon Thordarson, the chief chef of Moxie, designed the menu in Canada. In addition, according to Chute, Moxie’s is a little bit of everything because cultures around the world inspire them.

The Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps ($18), The Loaded Cheeseburger ($19), Red Thai Curry Bowl ($16), and Linguini Arrabiatta ($21) are just a few of the dishes on the menu that demonstrate the restaurant’s commitment to variety and creativity.

With 200 prep recipes and everything prepared in-house, the brand is focused on high-quality ingredients presented with care because the focus has always been on excellent local foods, no matter where we have to go to source them.

Randle stated that they selected to open the Southlake restaurant because general manager Ben Madrid lived five minutes away and encouraged them to make it a wise decision.

“The beauty of the restaurant captures [customers] to start with,” Randle said. “Then, once we have them here, our food quality and hospitality bring them back.”

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