XP League Marching Forward with the Expansion Plans

DarZero was pronounced as the first official pro-team partner for XP League following the expansion plans indicated by the latter.
DarZero was pronounced as the first official pro-team partner for XP League following the expansion plans indicated by the latter.

Following the prior announcements of high-magnitude expansion plans by XP League, the first and the largest esports franchise in North America has set foot into partnership with DarkZero Esports. DarZero was pronounced as the first official pro-team partner for XP League. 

XP League’s bullish growth and partnership with DarkZero Esports have sought attention from the global audience. including Esports enthusiasts and franchise market leaders among the others. 

XP League is the first and largest esports franchise. The franchise offers the first-ever Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) coach-led competitive gaming league in North America. The audience of concern for the franchise are kids between the age of eight to seventeen. Set up in 2020, and franchising since 2021, the offerings of the franchise are goal-centric. Their programs span multiple games and seasons throughout the US and Canada, and it aims at honing the gaming skills of the youth players. XP league is the first esports organization, to partner with the PCA, it bridges the gap between conventional and sports and athletics and competitive electronic gaming. Furthermore, it instills in the players a strong sense of sportsmanship. 

The XP League franchise offers a nine-week seasonal program that includes one practice and one match per week. Each team has a designated coach who withholds significance to resilience, character-building, collaboration, and sportsmanship along with gaming skills. The programs also make the players proficient in strategic thinking, approaching problems with a solution perspective, and STEM (integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics knowledge).

The franchise has partnered with DarkZero, a full-scale esports organization. DarkZero focuses on a holistic approach to training and development. This exquisite combination is evident from the fact that they have fused pro sports innovations and gaming expertise aiming at building dominant teams viewing the current games’ structures. The proven techniques have led their team to compete in Apex Legends, Valorant, and Rainbow Six arenas. The Dark Zero team has been the 2022 Apex Legends Global Series Champions and the 2022 Rainbow Six Siege Major Champions. 

With the alignment of Dark Zero as the official partner, XP League is to work with the former organization on XP League’s Tilt Cancer programming with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Through the program, XP League is matching immunocompromised players with an XP League team where they can participate in a coach-led youth esports team. DarkZero is sponsoring 10 LLS Heroes so they can join teams and be part of something rewarding, and social.

Viewing the massive expansion plans hereby announced by the franchise, XP League is on the run to become the most successful and fast-growing emerging youth esports franchise brand. XP League belongs to the portfolio of brands from Unleashed Brands. The Unleashed Brands currently include Urban Air, Snapology, XP League, The Little Gym, Premier Martial Arts, and Class 101. The brand’s mission is to impact the lives of kids by providing engaging, fun, and inspiring experiences that shape them in becoming efficient adults.

To know more about the franchising opportunities with XP League, Visit: franchise.xpleague.com/.


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