Andrae J. Marrocco: A Legal Luminary in Franchise & Distribution, Corporate M&A

As a Certified Franchise Executive, Andrae's understanding of franchising principles is unparalleled,
As a Certified Franchise Executive, Andrae's understanding of franchising principles is unparalleled,

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of law, few individuals stand out as prominently as Andrae J. Marrocco. With a career spanning over two decades, Andrae has established himself as a legal luminary with a deep expertise in franchise and distribution law, corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and a strong commitment to serving not-for-profit and charitable organizations. His journey from a student at the University of Adelaide to becoming a Partner at McMillan LLP in Toronto, Canada, is a testament to his dedication, knowledge, and leadership in the legal field.

A Career Defined by Excellence and Leadership

Andrae’s impressive career journey began with his academic pursuits at the University of Adelaide, where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Corporate Finance in 2001. This was followed by the completion of an Honours Degree in the Bachelor of Laws in 1999, marking the foundation of his legal education.

Armed with a solid educational background, Andrae embarked on his legal career, which quickly gained momentum. His early professional experiences were marked by positions at renowned law firms, including Dentons, Clayton Utz, Minter Ellison, and the Macquarie Group. Over an 11-year period, he honed his legal acumen, delving into various aspects of corporate law and M&A transactions. This phase of his career equipped him with valuable insights into complex legal matters and cultivated his ability to navigate intricate corporate landscapes.

A Journey to Prominence: Dickinson Wright

In 2012, Andrae joined Dickinson Wright LLP, where he further solidified his reputation as a legal authority. His role as a Partner at the firm allowed him to provide expert counsel to clients in both Canada and the United States. During his tenure, Andrae specialized in franchise and distribution law, a niche area that would become his hallmark in the legal world. He played a pivotal role in advising clients on the intricacies of franchise agreements, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution, earning recognition for his exceptional contributions.

Becoming a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE)

Andrae’s commitment to excellence in franchise and distribution law was underscored by his pursuit of the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) designation. This prestigious certification signifies a deep understanding of franchising principles and is a testament to his dedication to this specialized field. Andrae’s CFE designation sets him apart as a true expert in franchise law, providing his clients with a level of expertise that few attorneys can match.

Leadership in Not-for-Profit and Charitable Organizations

Andrae’s influence extends beyond the legal realm; he has also made a significant impact in the not-for-profit and charitable sector. He holds leadership positions and serves on the executive of several not-for-profit organizations and charitable institutions. His commitment to these causes reflects his belief in giving back to the community and using his legal expertise to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Joining McMillan LLP: A New Chapter

In June 2018, Andrae embarked on a new chapter in his career by joining McMillan LLP, a prestigious law firm based in Toronto, Canada. His role as a Partner at McMillan further solidified his position as a leader in the legal community, with a specific focus on franchise and distribution law and corporate M&A.

Andrae’s contributions to McMillan extend beyond his role as a Partner. He serves as the Co-Chair of the Franchise & Distribution Group, showcasing his commitment to fostering excellence in this niche area of law. His leadership in this capacity allows him to guide a team of legal professionals, ensuring that clients receive the highest caliber of legal counsel.

A Columnist with a Global Perspective

In addition to his legal practice, Andrae has shared his expertise as a columnist for Franchise Times. His column, titled “World View,” offered readers insights into the global landscape of franchising, demonstrating his ability to analyze and interpret complex legal matters for a diverse audience.

A Visionary and Thought Leader

Andrae’s impact on the legal profession extends beyond his client engagements. He is recognized as a visionary and thought leader in the field of franchise and distribution law. His ability to anticipate industry trends, navigate regulatory changes, and provide innovative solutions to legal challenges sets him apart as a true trailblazer.

A Global Perspective on Franchising

One of Andrae’s key strengths is his global perspective on franchising. His experiences working with clients in both Canada and the United States have provided him with unique insights into the nuances of franchising across borders. This international outlook allows him to offer clients a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and opportunities associated with franchising on a global scale.

Andrae J. Marrocco has remarkable journey from academia to becoming a Partner at McMillan LLP is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, leadership, and community service. His deep expertise in franchise and distribution law, coupled with his dedication to not-for-profit causes, makes him a standout figure in the legal profession.

As a Certified Franchise Executive, Andrae’s understanding of franchising principles is unparalleled, and his role as Co-Chair of the Franchise & Distribution Group at McMillan LLP further underscores his leadership in this field. His global perspective on franchising and thought leadership make him a go-to legal expert for clients seeking innovative solutions and strategic guidance.


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