CEO Jack Johnson on Pivoting from Obscurity to $100M Turnover

CEO Jack Johnson

After graduating from Menlo College, CEO Jack Johnson of The Franchise Insiders worked as an Account Manager at JDA Advertising. He worked there for one year, and after that, he joined ConnectedBrands to work as Director of West Coast Business Development for two years. Between 2002-2004, Jack worked as the Director of Database Marketing at MGM Resorts International. This is the story of Jack Johnson on pivoting from obscurity to a $100M turnover in private equity acquisition.

At MGM Resorts International, Jack managed data analytics initiatives to increase customer acquisition and loyalty via direct marketing. He implemented the first digital variable direct mail campaign for MGM Grand ever – taking personalization from one variable to hundreds. He also implemented the first ever email variable acquisition program for any MGM property, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and increasing hotel bookings and tournament reservations.

Between 2004 and 2008, he worked at Brand Ltd as the Director of Marketing and Business Development. Jack recalls having joined the business when it was a 2-person venture. With his enterprising communication skills, he roped in big-name accounts like The Venetian, MGM Resorts, Golden Nugget, Harrah’s and many more, helping the company grow into a full-service player in the Las Vegas advertising scene. He led the charge in bringing on SEO and web development as competitive advantages and growing this firm into a multi-million dollar powerhouse. That is right!

While Jack was still working full-time with the businesses mentioned above, he started developing the foundation for his own business, Home Care Assitance (HCA). At HCA, he led 200+ people to become happy franchisees of Home Care Assistance in the US and abroad with a turnover of $1.3M in gross revenue system-wide. As the founder, he handheld other founders to success, created FDDs, led site selection, on-boarding, multi-unit growth, and resale strategies. Finally, in 15 years, he assisted HCA in a $100M private equity acquisition.

At present, Jack Johnson, as the CEO of The Franchise Insiders, offers interested entrepreneurs the best deal on top franchises. They offer a $10k cashback rebate, besides factoring other essential savings on today’s top franchises. With over 596 clients out there, Jack knows where people are succeeding in the world of franchising, which he shares with everyone interested in the inside stories of the industry

They say that when a performer has a team, his performance levels up to unmatched excellence. And in this, Jack Johnson is matched with his partner Jill Johnson. Here you may be thinking of that popular nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill and when they went up the hill. Well, in this real-life story of Jack and Jill Johnson, they have surely gone high up the hill, but they didn’t come tumbling down, rather, pulling other motivated franchisees to experience success in its best light! Together, Jack and Jill Johnson are your heroes of The Franchise Insiders.