How Samir Daoud Built Gold Star from a Single to Multi-Unit Franchise

How Samir Daoud CFE Built Gold Star from a Sigle to Multi-Unit Franchise

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States-based Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) Samir Daoud is a successful franchise professional. Since 2015, Samir has served as Gold Star Chili, Inc. and Tom and Chee’ Director of Franchise Development. Before that, he served as the Marketing Manager & Retails Sales Manager at Gold Star Chili Inc for eight years. He began his career with Gold Star Chili in Milford in 2006. Samir is hands-down a self-driven leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is dedicated to providing clear and organized communication that supports corporate initiatives and builds strong collaboration to drive organizational excellence. 

With strong communication, attention to detail, relationship and problem-solving skills, Samir aids the healthy growth of the franchisor and franchisee relationship. In 2017, when Gold Star Chili acquired Tom + Chee, the Cincinnati-based grilled cheese restaurant chain, Samir accepted the responsibility to oversee the whole franchise development function of the new company. Over time, Samir has proven to be committed to the growth of the Gold Star as envisioned by his immigrant father and uncles.

In one of his media interviews, Sam Daoud spoke of how painstakingly but with lots of enthusiasm to make an impact. His father and uncles opened the first Gold Star, which is today over 50 years, spread over 75 locations and poised to bring its popular Cincinnati-style chili to a new generation nationwide. Sam talks about the ethos of Gold Star’s in-store hospitality and table service, unheard of in the QSR space. He is proud of his business culture that stays true to the core values of Gold Star as originally envisioned.

Samir Daoud CFE never took his privileges for granted. He built Gold Star from scratch along with his father and uncles, other stakeholders, and franchise partners. When Sam started working as a Manager at Gold Star Chili in Milford in 2002, his work was to manage inventory and orders, schedule, prepare and serve food, and account and administer all other day-to-day operational requirements. With over a decade of experience, he has grown as an astute leader and has made his presence felt across the brand’s management team. He has established great expertise in Franchising, Franchise Development, Problem Solving, Business Development, Customer Relationship, Restaurant Operations, and Retail Sales.

In 2006, Samir Daoud graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business. He became a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) in 2013 from ICFE. Like every successful professional, Samir is committed to volunteering and is the After Party Committee Member with the American Heart Association and St. James Orthodox Church as a parish Council Member. Samir’s sense of professionalism, his sense of accountability, and his following up to ensure the business success of his people have been lauded by many.  

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