Lydia O’Leary at BrandONE on Developing Incredible Brands!

Lydia O'Leary BrandONE

Lydia O’Leary, Franchise Development Manager at BrandONE, began her professional career in 2009 as a Front End Manager at Barista. She has worked with five worldwide brands to date, including CarePatrol Franchise Systems, LLC, Premium Service Brands, and Authority Brands.

Lydia O’Leary is the type of person who naturally gravitates toward adventure. She is an ardent traveler who has spent most of her professional life exploring new territory – both personally and professionally. With her experience as BrandONE’s new Franchise Development Manager, she understands how to map out a course to the end destination.

Lydia began her career in the customer service field, and she now enjoys guiding franchisees through the many stages of their growth. Her determination to escape a desk job in the corporate sector grew stronger after graduating in Public Relations from St. Cloud State University.

Instead, she desired a position that would require her to be on the go and fully involved in the community. Door-to-door sales and recruitment training were where she got her start. During this time, she gained valuable insight, but she also wished to increase her talents and widen her horizons!

Lydia spoke with B1’s Mike Welch, who has been a mentor and friend to her for many years. Welch introduced her to the world of franchise development, which led to Lydia’s decision to join Authority Brands, a firm with a market capitalization of more than one billion dollars. During her tenure as the Franchise Development Manager, she achieved numerous milestones. This included assisting in developing and maintaining two industry-leading enterprises, The Cleaning Authority and Mosquito Squad.

In addition to her previous jobs as Vice President of Development for Premium Service Brands and involvement in steering franchises such as 360° Painting, Handyman Pro, Maid Right, Rubbish Works, ProLift Garage Doors, Kitchen Wise, and Renew Crew, she has a long list of accomplishments.

For Franchise Development Manager at BrandONE, Lydia O’Leary, one thing’s certain: B1 is happy that Lydia’s journey has led her to join our growing team of professionals. We can’t wait to see how her leadership and management abilities move our incredible brand partners forward!

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