BrandOne VP of Franchise Development Emily Anderson on Trust

VP of Franchise Development Emily Anderson om Building Trust

With a career spanning over 10+ years, Emily Anderson is the VP of Franchise Development at BrandONE. In Oregon, Emily is an ideator, client advocate, leader, collaborator, and results-driven professional who is masterful in creating high-touch, long-term powerful partnerships and triumphant teams. Emily believes in professional excellence that includes a sense of humor and authentic connection with people.

Over the last 10+ years, VP of Franchise Development at BrandONE, Emily Anderson, has garnered tremendous experience in client services, consultative sales, marketing, team building and professional public speaking, with a record of success in leading cross-functional teams to innovative and collaborative problem-solving.

Emily Anderson consults clients to find values-based solutions, creates long-term, trust-based client relationships, masterful presentation skills that deliver messaging through data and story-telling, strong organization and team leadership, and the ability to oversee big picture progress and smaller details needed to achieve goals.

Starting as a Project Manager at Duarte Design in 2008, Emily became a Public Speaker with FIDM in 2012, delivering high-impact, engaging seminars to students with dynamic speaking styles and likable personalities. She created trusting and principle-based relationships with educators to bring content into their classrooms and inspired traditionally “non-academic” students to explore and pursue education in the arts, media and fashion.

In 2013, Emily became the Franchise Consultant at FranNet of Pacific Northwest, where she worked for 8+ years. She rose to Director Of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships in the same organization. She served individuals and organizations with best-in-class solutions through meaningful, trust-based relationships during her tenure.

As the Franchise Consultant at FranNet of Pacific Northwest, she consulted, educated and advocated for individuals exploring business and franchise ownership. Her role ensured individuals clearly understood their options and conducted a thorough investigation to make a well-informed decision in a supportive, collaborative, & pressure-free environment.

As the VP of Franchise Development, she currently offers business ownership consulting, franchise investing, engaging and educational seminars/webcasts, job seeker resources, creative problem-solving, and client advocacy. Services include business ownership consulting, franchise investing, engaging and educational seminars/webcasts, job seeker resources, creative problem-solving and client advocacy.

Emily advises aspiring franchise owners to keep it simple—keep an open mind. She asks to focus on how a franchise can help achieve goals rather than the particular product or service.

“When I’m speaking with someone, and I see the recognition in their eyes when they realize the possibilities that are available to them and the lifestyle they can have through business ownership—that’s success to me,” said Anderson. “Anytime I can get someone to think beyond the five dollars footlong and the golden arches, and they realize what is available to them, that feels like a win.

On top of her normal consultant services, Anderson also facilitates panel discussions several times a year featuring past FranNet clients, now local business owners. These discussions are open to the community and give aspiring franchisees a chance to ask questions and learn from others’ experiences.

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