VP of Franchise Development – BrandONE, Sarah Van Aken on WHY?

BrandONE Sarah Van Aken

VP of Franchise Development – BrandONE, Sarah Van Aken is an inspiring and solutions-focused Senior Executive, Advisor, and Board Member with nearly 20 years of success across the full business lifecycle of consumer products, technology and sustainability. Her broad areas of expertise include innovative business design & transformation, culture change & change management, strategic planning, brand strategy, and exits.

Sarah supports organizations and individuals through powerful transitions. Whether that is enterprise value growth and exit planning for organizations or supporting individuals through life-changing transitions to reach their fullest potential. By embracing people’s potential, Sarah helps brands-

Brand authenticity is attained when how and what you do sync with a single, unifying belief: your why. A strong brand equates to a healthy bottom line. Constructing a brand encapsulates an organization’s entire way of life. Thus, Sarah’s work engages the brand on a deeper level than surface-level engagement; it begins with the fundamental ‘why’ and progresses to brand integration through the engagement of each area of business and each individual in the organization.

There is not always a clear path to scalable growth in a shifting marketplace. For the VP of Franchise Development – BrandONE, Sarah Van Aken, understanding the underlying emotional function of a product and translating it into different vehicles and verticals via next-generation innovation; can be risky and costly. Sarah collaborates with teams to clarify their core competency and mission while also innovating in new business areas. Through market testing and validation, her work methodically assists in developing sustainable businesses and brand equity. Additionally, she ensures that people, support, and funding are aligned with a well-thought-out launch plan to achieve success.

Organizational review and, frequently, transition are necessitated by growth, business issues, and departure preparation. The work’s execution is critical to the team’s success, operations, and total value. It is holistic, considering human potential, corporate stability and scalability, and future planning. Sarah has extensive expertise assisting executives, entrepreneurs, and teams in establishing a foundation for success by strategically altering people and operations to fit the business’s current and future needs.

Sarah Van Aken also assists creators of small to medium-sized firms in first understanding exit planning: a sensible business approach that provides value today while also providing preparation, opportunity, and transferrable value in the future. She then assists them in planning and carrying out a successful escape. Sarah acts as a steward on behalf of the founder, protecting their interests and coordinating all-important partners and team members required to ensure a smooth transfer.

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