Navigating Dreams: Wess Doss Guides Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Successful Franchise Ownership

Wess Doss _Success Stories
Wess Doss _Success Stories

Wess Doss is a seasoned professional in the field of franchise consulting, with a rich background in financial planning and sales management. With over two decades of experience, Wess has consistently demonstrated his expertise in helping individuals, families, and business owners navigate the complexities of business ownership through franchise opportunities.

Currently serving as the President and Founder of The International Franchiser Inc., Wess is not just a Franchise Expert and Consultant but also a Certified Franchise Broker. His journey in the franchise industry began in April 2018, and over the past 5 years and 9 months, he has been dedicated to assisting individuals and families in realizing their dream of business ownership. His mission is to successfully match aspiring entrepreneurs with franchise opportunities that align with their financial goals, leveraging his expert guidance and a thorough due diligence process.

Wess understands the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to selecting the right franchise. He likens this process to seeking advice from professionals in other fields like law, accounting, or medicine. Without proper due diligence, there’s a risk of choosing a franchise that doesn’t align with one’s skills, background, or financial aspirations. Wess and his team at The International Franchiser Inc. have developed a meticulous process to ensure that clients are matched with their ideal franchise based on their needs, goals, interests, and strengths.

One key aspect of Wess’s approach is conducting market studies to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of how a franchise would fit into a specific geographical location. This involves analyzing factors such as population density, target customer demographics, competition, and market saturation. By addressing potential challenges and red flags upfront, Wess ensures that clients embark on their entrepreneurial journey with full awareness and minimal surprises.

The commitment to client success doesn’t stop there. Wess has assembled a team of professionals, including franchise lawyers, CPAs, and funding experts, to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire franchise acquisition process. This holistic approach reflects his understanding that becoming a business owner is a life-changing decision, and he aims to make it a positive and well-informed one.

Before his venture into franchise consulting, Wess gained valuable experience in financial planning and sales management. As the Owner/Broker at FinanciaLogix from March 2017 to March 2018, he helped individuals, families, and business owners achieve their financial goals through strategic financial planning. His expertise extended to customized solutions covering income replacement during illness or disability, hospitalization expenses, critical illness payments, group benefit plans for businesses, safeguarding investments, mortgage insurance plans, disability plans, and travel insurance.

Wess’s career trajectory also includes roles such as Sales Manager at Sun Life Financial, Agent/Branch Manager at The Co-operators, and Financial Services Representative at TD. In each position, he honed his skills in presentation, client relations, and financial services. His dedication to helping individuals and businesses protect their interests and plan for the future has been a consistent theme throughout his career.

With a diverse skill set that includes strategic planning, client relations, and presentation skills, Wess has proven himself as a reliable professional in various roles. His ability to build lifelong relationships with clients by educating them on the best possible financial options demonstrates his commitment to their long-term financial wellness.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Wess has also been involved in the food industry as an Owner Operator of Mr. Submarine from 2000 to 2005. This experience allowed him to further develop his client relations skills, adding another dimension to his multifaceted career.

Wess Doss is not just a franchise expert; he is a dedicated professional committed to guiding individuals and families toward successful business ownership. With a wealth of experience in financial planning, sales management, and franchise consulting, Wess brings a unique perspective and a comprehensive approach to help clients make informed decisions on their entrepreneurial journey. His passion for building lasting relationships and ensuring the financial well-being of his clients underscores his role as a trusted advisor in the franchise industry.

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