The Success of Jeff Slain, Franchise Owner of Fully Promoted Fishers

Jeff Slain

Jeff Slain is a member of the Board of Directors for Fishers HSE SPORTS Basketball and the franchise owner of Fully Promoted Fishers. He is a seasoned marketer and an expert on promotional products, and he hails from the city of Fishers in the state of Indiana, United States. He possesses extensive knowledge in the areas of branded apparel, custom apparel, promotional products, and the promotion of businesses.

Jeff has more than twenty years of experience working in the financial industry. He got his start in the field in 1991 as a Branch Manager. He started his career at Bank One, where he worked for four years as an AVP-Bank Manager before moving on to M&I Bank, where he worked for 14 years as a Regional Vice-President. In 2012, he resigned as Regional Sales Manager at M&I Bank to take a similar position at Real Estate Mortgage Network. Currently, he holds the positions of Franchise Owner at Fully Promoted Fishers and Board Member at Fishers HSE SPORTS Basketball.

Fully Promoted Fishers is a full-service promotional marketing company with access to the most recent product trends in all the most fashionable colors. Corporate uniforms, promotional clothing and accessories, and other accessories are available from Fully Promoted Fishers to support your strategic marketing efforts. We are the experts in our Fishers. Fully Promoted Fishers can also assist you with every stage of the process, from sourcing and decoration to fulfilling and distributing your products.

Jeff is highly regarded for his exceptional leadership abilities as well as his expertise in the areas of banking, customer service, and marketing respectively. Both inside and outside Jeff’s client circles, his ideas and consultation are extremely valuable due to their quality. Carl White, who established The Mortgage Marketing Animals & Freedom Club, believes Jeff possesses a winning personality due to his approach to creative work and willingness to “give first.” Randy Hankle, Senior Vice-President of Lowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation, has known Jeff for 12 years and values him as a dedicated employee. He has a high level of trust and integrity. Jeff has worked with Randy for 12 years.

When starting a business in this day and age, one faces intense competition across the globe. There is always pressure to achieve higher revenue than you did the previous year. A brand must be able to differentiate itself from its competitors to deliver on its identity successfully. For businesses to accomplish all these goals, they require efficient marketing and branding, and this is the area in which Fully Promoted Fishers makes its presence known. The company offers businesses a free consultation call, during which they are provided with various solutions they can select and implement, enhancing their ability to advance their product or service in the market confidently.

The franchising industry is still in its infant stages when it comes to the use of digital marketing. This, however, is not something that has to be the case if one is prepared to leverage Jeff’s enthusiasm for assisting businesses in realizing their full potential and cultivating a base of devoted customers. Jeff’s passion for product marketing and allied services is only poised to help businesses thrive for good!

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