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A decade after Frozen yogurt was commercialized, it has held on to its position as one of the most successful undertakings. And businesses are being built even today to encash the dreamy froyo trends. Derek Cha, owner & entrepreneur of Sweet Frog, came up with an amazing idea of getting frozen yogurt in economical and more appealing ways to the yogurt lover patrons in the States. They started with a single unit under the name Sweet Frog in Richmond, Virginia 2009 amidst some of the most unfavorable economical situations. 

Although the concept of Frozen yogurt is heavily competitive, Derek Cha had a different vision for the business. Using a different sales tactic, making it as economical as possible, and calling out for families with children was their unique selling point and it worked. 

Today the Sweet Frog is well established with 300+ outlets all over the States. Which started as a leap of faith during the economical crisis of the country, is now one of the top competitors in the frozen yogurt business. The company has ventured into various business models both traditional and non-traditional. Non-traditional models including mobile, kiosks, etc. The introduction of the mascot Scoop and Cookie in 2010 made the brand more appealing to the kids and the family, who remained loyal to the brand and its products. In addition, Derek Cha’s ideology of getting the premium dessert en masse was through introducing ‘pay by weight’. This particular strategy proved to be fruitful and the band progressed through the franchise action plan to bring to life. The catch is the wide range of exotic flavors that they are catering to ranging from fruit yogurts, Toasted Marshmallow yogurt, and Green Tea yogurt to sorbets flavored with Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, and many more. With the flavor profiles and inclusion of non-dairy options such as sorbets and Almond milk-based products, Sweet Frog has brought together a great deal of permission and a loyal Fan-base.

Scaling the huge competition from the market giants like TCBY and Yogen Fruz, Derek Cha has been able to leave his mark as a successful entrepreneur. Current data shows that there are nearly a thousand frozen yogurt outlets spread across the US. The average revenue annually encashed from this particular industry is over $200 million. With the ever-increasing demand and inclination towards health-stimulated products, the frozen yogurt market tends to hold the highest position in the franchisee realm as well. 

Derek Cha’s visionary doesn’t get bundled into just a business model. Sweet Frog has been able to become one of its kind all over the world, because of its philosophy of giving back to the community. Sweet Frog engages in philanthropist activities, involves with the local children’s hospital, schools, libraries, and church to serve the greater family that has put their love into the brand. 

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