The Success Journey of Jan-Marie Hall, Franchise Development Manager

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Ms. Jan-Marie Hall is the current Franchise Development Manager for the Three Dog Bakery, a gourmet bakery for your most beloved dog. Ms. Hall along with a strong pursuit for Franchise development, possesses predominance over creating successful marketing strategies, business development, customer relations, and retention, establishing units and laying down their business models as well as recruiting for Franchises. She holds a good number of years of experience in sales negotiations, and processes.

Ms. Jan – Marie Hall, now a Franchise Development Manager for a leading franchising unit, holds a lot to offer with over three decades of experience in various fields of work and industries. Starting as a Developer with the Connect / Minnix Software: 3M Development for over four years from 1996 to 2000, she switched to Bison Advertising in the year 2002 where she was the Business Development Executive and spent about seven years in the same field of work acquiring the best of the experience and knowledge. During her tenure with Bison Advertisements, Ms. Hall’s true potential and charm in the industry were well taken. Kim Ellis, CFE mentions, “Jan-Marie was a key member of my team and her sales efforts were responsible for the significant growth Bison recognized during her tenure with the company. She has the ability to quickly build relationships with her clients that remain loyal to her long-term. She is ALWAYS upbeat and sees the positive side of everyone.” 

Thereafter she worked closely with the franchisors, educating them about the franchise market and the franchise buyer candidate motives. Ms. Hall helped identify the top-notch franchisees using ‘Proven Match’ as a benchmark to set a benchmark for their future franchisees. She held the position as a Franchise Development Director with ‘Out of the Box Technology’ followed by seven impressive years as a Franchise Consultant under her company name of ‘Jan-Marie Hall Consulting’. Ms. Hall functioned for two years with the NOVUS glass as the Franchise Development Director and RAVE Restaurant Group [NASDAQ: RAVE] as the Senior Director of Franchise Development, where her informidable ways throughout the franchise world helped the organizations soar their maximum potentials. She was highly appreciated for her high level of expertise and tremendous propensity as a leader in the franchise realm. 

Currently, Jan-Marie Hall owns SlipTek, LLC, a floor safety company headquartered in Minnesota and as well as the Franchise Development Manager to Minnesota-based Three Dog Bakery. Three Dog Bakery has over 40 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong. With the growing trends of pet specialty and the increased demand for premium pet products and services, Three Dog Bakery has positioned itself to be a top choice for pet franchise opportunities.

Ms. Jan-Marie Hall is highly regarded as a Franchise Development and Marketing strategist. She has an exemplary record of improving lead generation for organic growth. Ms.Hall with her exceptionally strong pursuits in building relationships with franchisee candidates has been able to help them see the big picture of business ownership and closing deals. She is skilled in negotiation, business planning, sales, management, and direct marketing.

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