Marty Greenbaum Success as a Franchise Educator,Consultant

Marty Greenbaum's Success as a Franchise Educator,Consultant
Marty Greenbaum's Success as a Franchise Educator,Consultant

Marty Greenbaum is the founder, owner, and Senior Franchise Consultant in Smart Franchise Investing. His impeccable sense of leadership has paved the path to success for him. He was introduced to the franchise realm through a Marketing position that he held at COSERCO, which was the predecessor to PostNet International, a leader in the postal and business center franchise concepts that arose in the 1980s-90s. As the Director of Operations and Marketing, Marty Greenbaum was responsible for managing logistics, buildouts, and training over the years. His strong sense of the franchise algorithm leveraged him in the successful development of hundreds of new businesses and speaks for his commitment to the industry.

With the experience from COSERCO, Marty served as founder and president of Creative Dynamics, an award-winning full-service marketing agency based in Las Vegas. Creative Dynamics has a diverse clientele from gaming, entertainment, franchising, healthcare, and real estate. They emphasized on brand positioning and, planning and executing growth-targeted marketing strategies for companies.

Thereafter Marty Greenbaum was placed as the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development with Health Imaging Inc., New York. Within the three years of his tenure, he developed and implemented marketing strategies to educate healthcare providers and the public about the benefits of Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan). He assisted in launching and marketing some of the highest-producing diagnostic centers in the nation.

In 2003, Marty Greenbaum founded Greenbaum Marketing in Nevada. For over fifteen years, the firm has worked with over 120 franchising brands, franchise suppliers, media, and the International Franchise Association. The firm has helped franchisors with market challenges of all sorts and provided them with franchise marketing expertise. His exceptional quality in building high performing marketing team is commendable and well appreciated by the patrons of the franchise industry.

In recent years, Greenbaum Marketing has been taken over by Marty Greenbaum’s company Smart Franchise Investment where he enlightens potential franchisees to meet their goals in building the business and also assists franchisors to get their franchisee candidates.

Marty exclaims, “Franchising offers tremendous benefits, but you have to overcome your fears (and) rise to the occasion if you want to create a successful business and ultimately reach your goals.” 

He adds further, “..So many of the clients I work with are under the impression that they can “buy” any franchise they want, but nothing is further from the truth. Franchises are not sold, they are awarded and for good reason. Franchisors do not want to allow someone to represent their brand unless that person meets their qualifications. Franchisors want people that can be strong ambassadors for their brand and build customer loyalty through incredible customer experiences. They want people that are willing to follow their systems and are responsible for their business, the customers, and the franchise organization. “

Marty Greenbaum also volunteered as a Business Council Member, Greater Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman of the American Heart Association.

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