Matthew Haller And His Way of Becoming A Leader

Knowledge about Government relations and providing legislative assistance has paved Matthew Haller's way to success.
Knowledge about Government relations and providing legislative assistance has paved Matthew Haller's way to success.

Knowledge about Government relations and providing legislative assistance has paved Matthew Haller’s way to success.

Matthew Haller is a seasoned professional. Currently associated with International Franchise Association as the Presdient and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Haller has had an exemplary career progression in the last two decades. His strong suit in providing legislative assistance and helping brands with government relations has put him on the “most-sought for” list of professionals.

Mr. Haller had been a part of numerous organizations such as SAS, UPS, and Levick strategic communications. He has handled leadership positions at associations like Pharmaceutical Care Management Association and International Franchise Association. Apart from that, Mr. Haller has also been a part of the U.S., Chamber of Commerce. His remarkable contributions in his two decades of career with his skills have made him superior and irreplaceable. 

SAS is a software development organization. It deals with business analytics software and services. Being the largest vendor in the business intelligence market, SAS has helped organizations improve their performances through their innovative solutions. SAS specializes in Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Analytics, Customer intelligence, and so on and so forth. Mr. Haller has associations with SAS as the Government Relations Intern for a tenure of one year. He was a proactive part of the research, analysis, and monitoring team dedicated to the legislative frontier.

Further, Matthew Haller was the Legislative Assistant to UPS (United Parcel Service), headquartered in Atlanta. UPS belongs to the truck transportation and logistics segment and has over 500,000 UPS users around the globe. Hence making UPS a global leader in transportation and logistics. Operating in more than 220 countries, UPS started franchising as The UPS Store. Today, the UPS Store has reached astounding milestones, not just in the US but across borders.

Mr. Haller’s ties with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce date back to 2003 for a tenure of four years. As the Manager of Political Affairs,  Matthew Haller developed and implemented Chamber’s $20 Million budget for grassroots and political strategy. He has worked with candidates, campaigns, state and local chambers, and business leaders. He helped people identify effective relationships with the Chambers. 

Levick Strategic Communications are a leading public relations firm. Founded in 1998, Levick is situated in Washington, DC. The firm specializes in Crisis Communications, Corporate and reputation, Financial Communications, Litigation Communications, Public Affairs, and advocacy Digital Communications. Mr. Haller was the Director of the Organization and managed International affairs, Government relations, and communications.

Another brief association of Mr.Haller was with PCMA- as the Director of Industry Relations and Development. While with PCMA, Matthew Haller directed strategy and implemented industry relations activities. His primary focus was to work in alignment with PMCA’s goal- expand access to safe, effective, and affordable prescription drugs. 

In 2010, Mr. Haller joined the International Franchise Association (IFA) as the Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs. Further placed as the Presdient and CEO of the association. 

Matthew Haller’s in-depth knowledge of governance and legislative matters has given him leverage in his career growth and recognition. Mr. Haller earned his bachelors in Political Science from North Carolina State University. 

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