Dillin Siwinski: Director of Franchise Development at Franchise FastLane

Dillin Siwinski
Dillin Siwinski

Dillin Siwinski is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in sales, operations, and franchise development. Currently serving as the Director of Franchise Development at Franchise FastLane, Siwinski has built a reputation for his commitment to excellence, leadership skills, and ability to drive growth in various industries.

Siwinski’s journey in the professional world is marked by his tenure in multiple roles across different companies, each contributing to his rich and varied experience. He began his career with an administrative position at Patriot Fire Protection, where he worked as an Administrative Assistant from June 2014 to October 2014. This role laid the foundation for his understanding of business operations and administrative tasks, skills that would prove invaluable in his subsequent positions.

In September 2015, Siwinski took on the role of General Manager at Complete Nutrition. During his two years and four months at the company, he honed his leadership and management skills, overseeing the daily operations and ensuring the business met its goals. His ability to manage a team and drive sales growth was evident in the success the company experienced under his leadership.

Following his time at Complete Nutrition, Siwinski joined Aramark Uniform Services as an RSS from April 2017 to January 2018. Here, he further developed his sales acumen, working closely with clients to meet their uniform service needs. His dedication to customer service and operational efficiency helped him stand out in this role, showcasing his ability to adapt and excel in different business environments.

In January 2018, Siwinski transitioned to Complete Suite Furniture Inc. as a Sales Representative. Over the next two years, he demonstrated his sales prowess, contributing significantly to the company’s revenue growth. His experience in sales was further expanded during his brief stint as Sales and Operations Manager at Fit2Go from December 2019 to February 2020, where he managed both sales strategies and operational logistics, ensuring seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Siwinski’s career took a significant turn when he joined Alliance Imports in February 2020. Over nearly three years, he held multiple roles within the company, each contributing to his comprehensive understanding of sales and import operations. His ability to manage complex logistics and his strategic approach to sales were key factors in his success at Alliance Imports.

In June 2022, Siwinski became the General Sales Manager at Faceplates USA. During his 11-month tenure, he led the sales team, driving strategies that resulted in substantial business growth. His leadership and strategic vision were instrumental in enhancing the company’s market presence and sales performance.

In April 2023, Siwinski took on his current role as Director of Franchise Development at Franchise FastLane. Operating remotely from Spokane, Washington, he has been instrumental in fostering relationships with franchise owners, driving franchise growth, and implementing innovative development strategies. His experience across various industries and roles has equipped him with a unique perspective on franchise development, making him a valuable asset to Franchise FastLane.

Beyond his professional achievements, Siwinski is also dedicated to personal development and community service. He holds an education from Gonzaga Preparatory and Spokane Falls Community College, which provided him with a strong academic foundation. His commitment to helping others is evident from his volunteer work as a Teacher Assistant at English as a Second Language International (ESLI) from January 2014 to December 2014. In this role, he helped immigrants studying for citizenship to learn proficient English, demonstrating his dedication to community service and education.

Siwinski’s personal mission reflects his commitment to continuous improvement and making a positive impact on those around him. He strives to become a better person every day, living in love for himself and his circle of influence. His dedication to giving his utmost effort in all endeavors and refusing to submit to limiting circumstances underscores his resilient and proactive approach to life and work.

Dillin Siwinski’s career is a testament to his versatility, leadership, and commitment to excellence. His extensive experience in sales, operations, and franchise development, coupled with his passion for personal growth and community service, makes him a remarkable professional and a valuable leader in the franchise industry. As Director of Franchise Development at Franchise FastLane, Siwinski continues to drive growth and innovation, ensuring the company’s success and the success of its franchise partners.

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