“Pretty Funny Guy” Keith Levenson at AC as your Go-To Franchise Guy!

Keith Levenson at AC

Based in Mays Chapel, Maryland, United States of America, Keith Levenson is a franchise expert. Keith is currently associated with Angela Coté Inc. as the Franchise Growth Advisor. Keith Levenson is the go-to person at AC for franchise recruitment, emerging franchisor consulting, and established franchisor consulting. Keith brings a unique perspective to the process of business development. He can leverage his experience as a former COO of an emerging franchise brand who built a franchise system from the ground up to assist franchisors at all levels in achieving their growth objectives. Keith’s experience enables him to coach businesses through the difficult transition from operator to franchisor, as he has traveled that path himself and can anticipate potential pitfalls.

As a Franchise Growth Advisor at Angela Coté Inc., Keith is responsible for the heavy lifting of franchise growth and the legal jargon that can make or break a franchise brand. Keith’s experience enables him to advise businesses as they navigate the difficult transition from operator to franchisor, as he has walked that path himself and can anticipate potential pitfalls. Keith Levenson at AC works on client projects, conduct 1:1 calls, and becomes that “pretty funny guy” making franchising that simple!

Working with Keith gives you access to expertise in scaling, systems, legal, financial disclosure documents, franchisee support, and franchise development, among other areas. Keith serves as your Northern Star for access to the AC Method, a five-pronged approach to franchising that includes dozens of resources and tools to assist you in scaling, growing, and fine-tuning your system. Additionally, you will have access to the AC network of trusted suppliers and fellow franchisors and the entire AC team, as required for each stage of growth. Keith’s experience enables you to develop a detailed roadmap with specific steps for achieving your growth objectives.

Keith’s entry into the franchise industry proved to be quite significant. Keith was once working with a company that he had assisted in establishing their first US-based location. When the owner noticed some exponential growth, he was at a loss for direction. That is when Keith was asked to assess the situation and recommend a course of action. By chance, the concept was to capitalize on the franchise model. That brand grew from a single corporate location to a multi-unit franchise system within less than two years.

According to publicly available information, Keith Levenson worked for Angela Coté Inc as Manager of Operations, Retirement Plan Services, with Rowe Price as Manager of Operations, Retirement Plan Services, with ClimbZone USA as General Manager, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Development Officer, and with Janarus as Franchise Development Consultant. Keith’s current professional objective is to provide exceptional advice to his AC partners and associates. Keith Levenson at AC has a message for the franchising industry: regardless of the widget at the system’s core, franchisors are first and foremost in the relationship business!

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