The Route to Success for Franchise Owner Gregory Cook, CFE

Gregory Cook, CFE

Gregory Cook CFE is a leader in the franchise industry with a rich experience of fifteen years. Gregory is presently leading Silvercrest as the President & CEO since April 2021. He was previously associated with the International Franchise Association, which added more value to his experience in this space. With his experience at Liquidity Services Inc and The Entrepreneur’s Source, Gregory brought the perfect blend of required knowledge and skills to Silvercrest. He has also been featured in various podcasts where he shared his experiences.

Silvercrest provides a blend of unique customized marketing solutions to individual franchises. They serve with their proprietary Local Media Automation Platform (LMap), which designs individualized marketing solutions. They deliver solutions for all market sizes, from the local to the national level, with their Lmap platform. Silvercrest is a 12-year-old organization with its headquarters in Van Nuys, California. William Rodriguez and Ryan Gesler founded Silvercrest because they realized the growing need for a franchise business.

International Franchise Association (IFA) is one of the world’s largest and oldest organizations representing the franchise worldwide. IFA is a not-for-profit organization with its headquarters in Washington, DC. It was founded in 1960 to protect, enhance, and promote franchises worldwide. IFA operates by collaborating through Public Relations, Government Relations, and Educational programs. IFA has members who are operating across more than 120 business categories globally.

The Entrepreneur’s Source is a professional training and coaching company that guides individuals toward their success. The Entrepreneur’s Source was founded by a visionary founder, Terry Powell. It was established in 1984 to help individuals transition from highly dependent careers toward self-sufficiency. They provide business coaching with a 33% market share of the billion-dollar advisory and coaching market. Until now, they have already coached a couple of thousand individuals successfully.

Gregory Cook graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland (UMD). He pursued his graduation with a specialization in Marketing. Gregory also earned his certification as Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) from the International Franchise Association in January 2015.

Gregory Cook CFE is a recognized man in the franchising world for his various professional and individual skills. He has the right mix of selling and technical skills that differentiates him from others. He is appreciated for his interpersonal skills like Strategic planning, Lead generation, Business development, etc. He has led many franchises towards strategic success, which has earned him a good reputation. He is well known for his greater understanding of every minute detail of running a franchise business.

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