The Story of Veteran Franchise Leader Paul Rocchio CFE

The Leadership of Franchise Veteran Paul Rocchio CFE

Paul Rocchio CFE is a popular figure in the franchise industry as he is one of the senior franchise business professionals. Currently, the Vice President of Development & Member Services at the International Franchise Association (IFA), Paul joined IFA in 1999 as a Manager for Grassroots & Political Education. He was successfully promoted to Vice President within a few years after joining.

Paul Rocchio CFE has vast experience developing businesses and professionally leading them to grow and thrive. Paul has powerful leadership skills and is a team player who takes care of everyone. Paul’s superior communication skills assist him in developing interpersonal relationships with ease. He is well known for his customer-oriented, proactive and self-motivated approach that ensures customer success. Paul is a great mentor for many young entrants in the franchising world.

International Franchise Association (IFA) is an organization that aims to provide its members with all the support required for running a franchise business. IFA is one of the oldest franchise-supporting organizations meant to bring franchises together. IFA offers various educational programs like Certified Franchise Executive (CFE), Mastering Cross Generational Communications (MCGC), etc., and other courses. IFA is headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia, with a global presence. IFA helps franchise seekers expand their understanding of the franchise business.

At IFA, Paul is responsible for building and maintaining a grassroots program for the association and its members. He assists members in creating grassroots campaigns for political awareness to communicate and build relationships with elected officials. He also takes care of all trade liaisons and recruitment, monitors and lobbies with members of the congress on small business issues that impact franchising.

Paul Rocchio CFE has a strong background in academics. He completed his Master of Arts degree from George Washington University in 1996 with a specialization in Political Management. Before that, he pursued graduation with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northeastern University, Boston. Paul majored in Political Science and finished his Bachelor of Arts in 1991. Previously he also graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in general studies in 1998 from Keystone College, Pennsylvania.

Paul Rocchio earned his certification as a Certified Franchise Executive from the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives (ICFE) in February 2012. ICFE is a part of the International Franchise Association that provides professional education and quality training. ICFE helps franchise seekers to enhance their professional skills by certifying them. Paul Rocchio also qualified for a Certificate in Nonprofit Organization Management from the Institute for Organization Management (IOM) in August 2011. IOM is an official Professional Development Program from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Industry professionals appreciate Paul Rocchio for his various industrial, professional and personal skills. His solid hold over entrepreneurship and leadership is class apart when delivering successful results. Paul has successfully led many individuals and businesses with dependable leadership skills, mentoring them, especially newcomers. His ability to manage an organization from the grassroots level provides him an unmatchable edge over other professionals.

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