Unleashing Franchise Success: The Journey of Cassidy Ford

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In the dynamic world of franchising, Cassidy Ford has emerged as an exceptional leader, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to every role she undertakes. With a strong background in franchise sales, business development, and relationship management, Cassidy has consistently delivered outstanding results throughout her career. This success story will shed light on Cassidy Ford’s remarkable journey, highlighting her ability to drive growth, champion diversity and inclusion, and make a lasting impact in the professional realm.

Pioneering the Path to Success 

Cassidy Ford’s journey in the franchise industry began with her role as a Business Development Associate at How Do You Roll? There, she showcased her talent for franchise sales, successfully expanding the brand and establishing a robust business development department. Cassidy’s dedication and strategic mindset played a crucial role in the franchise’s growth following its appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Empowering Growth and Transformation 

As a Franchise Development Manager at Huddle House, Inc., Cassidy demonstrated her prowess in various aspects of franchise management. She excelled in re-sales, new unit sales, legal compliance, franchisee relations, real estate, and sales reporting. Cassidy also played a pivotal role in turning around struggling franchise locations, showcasing her ability to foster growth and drive operational improvements.

At FRM Solutions, Cassidy served as an Account Director, where she consistently achieved enterprise solutions account growth and engaged clients with her exceptional consulting skills. Her expertise and industry knowledge allowed her to host webinars and workshops, sharing best practices with franchise professionals. Cassidy’s commitment to sharing insights and fostering collaboration further established her reputation as an influential figure in the franchise industry.

Leadership and Advocacy

Cassidy Ford’s commitment to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the franchising realm is evident through her initiatives and advocacy efforts. Through her self-founded project, The Franchise Ticker, Cassidy utilizes podcasts, YouTube, and social media to promote five action-oriented principles. These principles include normalizing vulnerability and connection, empowering women to embrace their inner strength, nurturing future generations in franchising through mentorship, championing diversity and inclusion, and breaking down social stigmas surrounding Tourette’s and mental health issues in the professional sphere.

From Entrepreneur Media to Future Success

Cassidy Ford’s journey has recently led her to Entrepreneur Media, where she serves as the Sr. Director of Franchise Sales. In this role, she continues to leverage her extensive expertise to drive franchise sales and contribute to the growth and success of the organization. Cassidy’s leadership and strategic vision make her a valuable asset to Entrepreneur Media as they navigate the ever-evolving franchising landscape.

Cassidy Ford’s success story is a testament to her unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership skills, and ability to drive growth in the franchise industry. From her early days as a Business Development Associate to her current role as Sr. Director of Franchise Sales, Cassidy has consistently demonstrated her ability to achieve remarkable results. Moreover, her commitment to promoting diversity, empowering others, and raising awareness about important issues showcases her passion for creating a positive impact. As Cassidy Ford continues to make her mark in the franchise industry, her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals seeking to drive success and create meaningful change.


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