Exclusive Digital Event Ideas for Franchise Video Marketing in 2022

Video Marketing in 2022
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COVID-19 has increased the popularity of digital events. But this isn’t a fad. In fact, with new variants of the pandemic continuing to control our lives, global marketers vouch for the importance of video marketing in 2022 to virtually connect from any part of the world. 

Of course, meeting your potential business partner in person is way more preferable, but if that meeting exposes you or your business associates to the new variants, the outcome isn’t desirable. Fewer in-person meetings can save the budget for your new partners who are, maybe, first-time entrepreneurs. 

So, how can you make your franchise presence feel global? Of course, you know why digital events are on the rise. But can you do it effectively so that it is not limited to a blunt zoom call but something that lifts your brand to your audience’s attention level and competitors?

After reviewing a huge list of digital event opportunities, we have come with some that we believe are cool. These events do not consume the budget you need to fly your franchise buyer or entertain your owner in celebration of a great franchise partnership.

Ideas for Franchise Video Marketing in 2022

AMA Video Marketing in 2022

Whether you want to establish yourself as an industry thought leader or talk about a franchise opportunity about your brand to attract new franchise buyers, Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions are cool. It reflects your confidence and shows that you are ready to answer every query of your potential buyer in public. For caution, don’t share business-sensitive numbers; ask for emails to send your business documents.

Virtual Franchise Office Tour

Your potential franchise buyers who are so eager to visit your plot or your offices would love this arrangement. You can schedule this as a bi-monthly event and develop a database of attendees that you can use to market your new offers until a deal is made. Is your franchise unit on sale on the highway, buy the gas station, next to a supermall, or other significant location. If the place is under construction, show them around with a general overview.

Virtual Meet our Executives

This can be a weekly fun event. You can arrange this kind of event to attract new franchise buyers and pep up your associate morale. Introduce your executives so that your potential partners know that you have real people working behind your digital presence and not just fake accounts identifying themselves as your employees. It is important to cement trust right at the foundation.

Introducing Past Franchise Partners

This can be again a bi-weekly event. Of course, it will take time to convince your existing partners if they are shy of public appearance. But it is on you to convince them and bring them to talk about their experience of getting started with your franchise partnership. Do not influence their thinking; just influence enough that they are confident to answer questions to interested parties on this live digital event.

We hope that the above suggestions will help you successfully take off your video marketing in 2022. These video marketing formats can be effective for all types of franchise models across industries. The virtual meet-ups can boost your market reputation based on the authenticity of the presenter and execution that only serious franchise owners can manage.