Batteries Plus Expands Presence in Atlanta with Unique Development Agreement

Batteries Plus Expands Presence in Atlanta with Unique Development Agreement
Batteries Plus Expands Presence in Atlanta with Unique Development Agreement

Batteries Plus, a leading battery and power solutions provider, has recently signed a significant agreement to secure an 80-mile radius around the Atlanta market. This deal, made with Equicorp Partners LLC, represents a strategic move to establish Batteries Plus as a prominent presence in the region. Equicorp Partners, known for their extensive experience in franchise restaurant concepts, will leverage their expertise to drive the growth and reputation of Batteries Plus in Atlanta. This partnership marks the beginning of a new development strategy for Batteries Plus, as they launch their Market Stewardship Program, blending Master Franchise and Area Development Agreements.

Establishing a Strong Franchise Presence

Equicorp Partners, with nearly 30 years of franchise experience, including successful brands like Arby’s, Popeyes, and Cinnabon, has joined forces with Batteries Plus to expand the brand’s footprint in Atlanta. Equicorp’s partnership with Freeman Spogli & Co., the private equity firm that acquired a majority interest in the latter in 2016, brings additional resources and expertise to the table.

Greg Belatti, Partner and Counsel at Equicorp expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing their commitment to being a strong franchisee. Equicorp aims to leverage its franchise expertise to bring reliable battery expertise and power services to Atlanta’s residents and businesses. Additionally, Equicorp sees this collaboration as an opportunity to build Batteries Plus’ reputation and create employment opportunities for talented, customer-focused team members.

Introducing the Market Stewardship Program

The agreement between the two brands represents the first deal under Batteries Plus’ new Market Stewardship Program. This innovative program combines elements typically found in both Master Franchise Agreements (MFA) and Area Development Agreements (ADA), allowing Equicorp to have franchise oversight throughout the entire Atlanta market. This unique approach showcases Batteries Plus’ commitment to strategic growth and partnership development.

Joe Malmuth, Chief Franchising Officer at Batteries Plus, expressed his excitement about Atlanta being the inaugural city for the Market Stewardship Program and highlighted the importance of the collaboration with Equicorp as the franchising partner. This partnership signals a milestone initiative for the company, as they venture into new territory with the MFA-ADA hybrid model, providing Equicorp with greater control and responsibility for franchise operations in the Atlanta market.

Powering Atlanta’s Communities 

The company is known for its comprehensive selection of batteries, light bulbs, and related products, and is now poised to bring its extensive range of power solutions to Atlanta. Jon Sica, Chief Business Officer of Batteries Plus, expressed his excitement about the unique nature of this agreement, emphasizing that it’s the first of its kind for the company.

With Equicorp overseeing franchise operations in Atlanta, Batteries Plus aims to power a wide range of devices, homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and more throughout the city. Batteries Plus has a reputation for offering reliable and high-quality battery and power solutions, and their expansion in Atlanta will allow them to serve the diverse needs of the local community. As a trusted provider of batteries, battery-related products, and expertise, Batteries Plus is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for power solutions in various sectors in Atlanta.

The partnership with Equicorp Partners marks a significant milestone in their expansion strategy as they secure an 80-mile radius around the Atlanta market. Through its Market Stewardship Program, Batteries Plus aims to establish a strong presence in Atlanta and deliver reliable power solutions to homes, businesses, and various industries. Leveraging Equicorp’s franchise expertise, the company in agreement is well-equipped to provide exceptional service to customers while creating opportunities for talented team members. This unique agreement showcases Batteries Plus’ commitment to innovation and strategic growth, setting the stage for continued success in Atlanta and beyond.

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