The Franchise Revolution with PetWellClinic and its Tail-Wagging Success Story

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Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N' Wash: Joining Forces to Find Forever Homes for 15,000 Pets

PetWellClinic is emerging as a groundbreaking opportunity in the realm of franchising, positioning itself as one of the most sought-after brands in the industry. Boasting the title of the fastest-growing veterinary concept, PetWellClinic is experiencing a surge in popularity, attracting seasoned multi-brand operators like Jeff Walling, who is driving nationwide momentum for this innovative, walk-in pet care brand.

Jeff Walling and his family have wasted no time in capitalizing on the PetWellClinic phenomenon, with two locations already open and plans for a third as part of a 16-unit deal to expand across the Phoenix area.

Walling, the CEO of PetWellClinic Phoenix and one of the brand’s largest franchise operators, emphasizes the high demand for their clinics throughout the Valley. “We’ve found that there’s a high demand all over the Valley for our clinics,” he notes, adding that strategic placement is key to meeting this demand effectively.

Bringing their experience as owners of three Re-Bath territories in three states, Jeff Walling and his brother, Michael Walling, recognized PetWellClinic as a prime franchise opportunity during the brand’s Discovery Day in Knoxville, Tennessee. The modern concept, which proved easy to own and operate, presented a “win-win” investment for the Walling brothers.

Walling describes PetWellClinic as a plug-and-play system, with all the heavy lifting and strategic thinking already done by the leadership. The brand’s founder, veterinarian and software engineer Sam Meisler, DVM, developed PetWellClinic to address the challenges of an antiquated veterinary industry burdened by escalating patient care costs.

PetWellClinic focuses on accessibility and convenience, providing walk-in primary care for pets, including general check-ups, preventative care, vaccinations, and treatments for minor ailments and chronic conditions. This approach filled a crucial void during the pandemic, as highlighted by Michael Walling’s son, Cole Walling, who brought the investment idea to the family’s franchise business and now serves as the president of PetWellClinic Phoenix.

The brand continues to thrive, supported by robust training programs, regular communication channels such as monthly calls for idea exchange among franchisees and leadership, and ongoing refinement of best practices. Jeff Walling commends PetWellClinic for making decisions that prioritize the network and franchisor while remaining responsive to the unique situations of individual franchisees.

PetWellClinic’s success is further attributed to its proprietary veterinary software program, ensuring seamless clinic processes, and transparent clinic designs that allow clients to observe operations from the front to the back. For the Walling family, PetWellClinic represents a lucrative and risk-reducing avenue for diversification.

Jeff Walling expresses confidence in the brand’s future, emphasizing the enduring demand for pet care services regardless of economic fluctuations. “People will always have their pets, and if we are an affordable option, we are always going to have customers whether the economy is good or bad,” Walling notes.

With 145 units in development, 27 already open nationwide, and ample room for growth, PetWellClinic is positioned to shine in the thriving pet services market. Projections estimate a 143% increase in the market to reach $118 billion by 2030. The brand is supported by franchise development arm Oakscale and led by CEO Joshua Kovacs, along with several investor partners who hold the rights to develop PetWellClinic franchises in New Jersey, where the brand is set to debut a third location.

Kovacs emphasizes that PetWellClinic appeals to individuals seeking new opportunities in the business world and those in service-oriented industries looking to tap into a category with substantial growth potential. He believes that the brand has found the perfect formula for both consumers and franchisees, ensuring pets receive timely care while franchise owners enter the pet care business with the necessary support.

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