Erica Tarnowski: From Being an Educator to Heading Franchise Development Team

Erica Tarnowski
Erica Tarnowski

It might seem challenging, but what fun it is without challenges. Erica Tarnowski has made it look seamless. The whole journey from being an educator to heading Franchise Development is an unconventional achievement.

Erica Tarnowski dived into the franchise industry with the Dessange Group, North America. She Managed the Business Development for the company for more than a year. Prior to this, Ms. Tarnowski was appointed as the Business Development Coordinator for the same company.

Dessange Group North America specializes in Hair salons, cosmetology, and beauty products. The group involves the individually owned Fantastic Sams Salons. Fantastic Sams Salon is the first national unisex hair salon franchise in the U.S. In 2012, Fantastic Sams became a part of the premium-luxury European salon chain. Headquartered in Paris, France, Dessange is the world’s leading network for global beauty.

Post her association with Dessange, Ms. Tarnowski joined as the Account Manager at 919 Marketing. Growth in the marketing firm was in multitudes within a span of two years. 919 Marketing is an award-winning national content marketing agency in North Carolina. Formed in 1996 and is located in Holly Springs, North Carolina. 919 Marketing is a marketing and PR agency that helps brands to tell their story and create content that helps their business grow. 919 Marketing has partnered with startups and publicly traded franchises, building awareness for their brand, and increasing their sales.

Ms. Tranowski got promoted to Senior Account Manager. Further, she handled the Business Development Team as the Director. Further, Ms. Tranowski joined Unity Rd. as the Franchise Development

Unity Rd. is a Colorado and Phoenix-based cannabis franchisor that’s bridging the two previously disconnected worlds of cannabis and franchising through its retail brand Unity Rd. The industry trailblazer is the first to bring the cannabis dispensary franchise model to the United States—with the duality of prowess in both industries to back it up. Over a dozen entrepreneurial groups have signed on to be a part of its national community. By utilizing its turnkey franchise blueprint and deep network of seasoned experts, franchisees enter the complex industry with ease. The marijuana franchise pioneer offers its partners the knowledge, resources, and ongoing support needed to compliantly and profitably operate a dispensary.

It is in the year 2023, that Ms. Tranowski undertook the position of Senior Director of Franchise Development at Far & Dotter company. Far & Dotter is a healthcare company that focuses on patient-focused models.

The career path of Erica Tarnowski is inspiring and tells a lot about humble beginnings. Ms. Tarnowski started off with a career as an English language proficient. She was a freelancer as a translator and Interpreter. She also taught at the Fisk Centro de Ensino as the English Professor. She taught all levels of English to Brazilian Portuguese speakers.

Erica Tarnowski’s inspiring success story also tells us about the agile yet flexible environment the Franchising industry has to offer.

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