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Mary DeBonis
Mary DeBonis

Mary DeBonis has traversed a remarkable career journey, spanning over 25 years, and has emerged as a titan in the field of franchise marketing and digital agency leadership. Her professional trajectory exemplifies an extraordinary fusion of expertise, creativity, and impactful strategies that have reshaped the landscape of digital marketing within the franchise community.

The Journey of a Visionary Marketer:

Her career’s cornerstone rests on her role as Vice President of Marketing at Purple Penguin Digital, a testament to her remarkable capabilities. Leading the marketing division at Purple Penguin Digital since May 2022, Mary spearheads a team of digital marketing experts, committed to driving results within the franchise community. The company prides itself on its 96% client retention rate and employs a multifaceted approach that encompasses various digital platforms, from social media and paid ads to content management services.

Driving Growth and Brand Transformation:

Prior to her current role, Mary served as the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Inkbench®, an experience that solidified her prowess in devising integrated marketing plans and creating memorable branding strategies. Her strategic approach resulted in an exponential increase in brand awareness, enhancing the exposure of the brand’s mascot and amplifying brand representation at industry events. She excelled in building partnerships, fostering engagement, and curating compelling content across diverse platforms.

Impactful Leadership and Marketing Innovations:

Her tenure at Mosquito Hunters as a Franchise Business Advisor showcased her exceptional interpersonal skills and marketing prowess. In this role, Mary coached and mentored franchisees, curated SEO content, and amplified brand presence via event marketing, local business networking, and social media initiatives. Her adeptness at directing franchisee marketing tactics and supporting the franchise sales team reflected her commitment to driving marketing strategies that yielded tangible results.

Strategic Marketing Vision across Varied Industries:

Mary’s extensive expertise is not confined to a singular domain. Her impactful stint as a Marketing Manager at Huntington Learning Center highlighted her results-driven approach in executing marketing strategies across multiple channels, enhancing brand visibility, and optimizing digital marketing campaigns.

Pioneering Brand Development and Leadership:

Prior to her roles in various companies, Mary co-founded Get2Creative Marketing and Communications, which underscored her specialization in brand-building, marketing strategies, and event marketing. Her services catered to an impressive array of corporate clients, fostering their brand equity and improving ROI.

Key Attributes and Contributions:
Mary DeBonis’ success story is characterized by:

Innovative Marketing Strategies: Implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies across various industries.
Strategic Leadership: Spearheading marketing teams and driving brand awareness.
Digital Marketing Expertise: Mastery in digital platforms, content management, and SEO strategies.
Franchise Community Impact: Guiding and coaching franchisees, amplifying brand presence and engagement.
Creativity and Branding: Crafting memorable branding strategies and transforming brand identities.
Mary DeBonis has etched an indelible mark in the realm of franchise marketing and digital agency leadership. Her journey stands as a testament to visionary marketing strategies, fostering brand growth, and reshaping the digital marketing landscape within the franchise community.


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