President Jason Godley of Booster on Unlocking the Magic

Jason Godley

Booster is an innovative mobile sustainable energy delivery firm that distributes energy directly to the fleet and consumer clients, helping them save money and meet carbon reduction targets. Booster’s data insights also help fleet managers enhance their operations. Some of the reputed investors in Booster are Invus Opportunities, Conversion Capital, Enterprise Holdings Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, Maveron, Perot Jain, L.P., Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, and Vulcan Capital.

President Jason Godley is not new to Booster. He has been with Booster for three years as Booster’s CFO & COO. Godley joined Booster with a track record of financial leadership, most recently serving as CFO of two high-growth private equity-backed companies. At Jeffries and Citi, he has advised technology corporations on mergers and acquisitions and debt/equity transactions. Godley will remain in charge of finance, go-to-market strategy, and operations.

On his Linkedin, President Jason Godley of Booster mentions being passionate about doing his part for the planet and helping people unlock their sense of magic and well-being. At Booster, he with his team help last-mile fleets be more productive and sustainable. Godley also served as the CFO of Fastaff and IO Data Centers (acquired by Iron Mountain). Years before that, he was an M&A investment banker with Citi and Jefferies and CPA with PwC. Originally from Wyoming, he expresses his gratitude for a rural upbringing in the ranch through valuable life lessons.

Talking about his immediate focus, Godley said that Denver is on the charts. He is focused on ensuring clarity around what Booster is, its values, the operating rhythm and how to make sure they work well together. He further added that the opportunity to be a company leader does two things, help the planet and support and groom the next set of leaders. It seems that Godley’s sense of ownership is contagious and infects many leaders in the making toward being accountable for the larger purpose of being in business, which is beyond a substantial turnover.

Can we call Godley a magician? In addition to his financial expertise, being a certified life coach, he has up his arsenal of strategies to unlock the immense potential of his people at Booster. Booster is already busy offering fuel delivery services, operates in eight markets across the country and is ready to work on its expansion goals. During the pandemic in 2020, Booster already helped more than 300 businesses save a cumulative $8.8 million in energy costs, avoid 2.2 million vehicle miles traveled and avert nearly 2 million pounds of CO2 emissions. Now a business can only enable so much only when its people have their potential fizz up happily, further testifying to Godley’s people management skills.

Talking about Booster’s expansion policies, at Franignite, we look forward to their strategy if they take the franchising route. Evidently, Godly’s colleague, Amy O’Neil, the new COO of Booster, was a franchise owner and operator of Buffalo Wild Wings, Corner Bakery, Smashburger and Wolfgang Puck restaurants. So, Booster and its team of expansion strategists are not alien to the franchise model, which is not something discussed on the website as of November 2021. We look forward to Godley announcing Booster’s first franchise opportunities for our readers who would like to invest in a franchise business with magical leadership!