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Josh Minturn is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) with a diverse and impressive professional background. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a focus on Marketing from Creighton University, where he was an active member of Pi Kappa Alpha and participated in Intramural Sports. Throughout his career, Josh has demonstrated strong leadership skills, exceptional business acumen, and a passion for franchise development.

Josh’s journey in the world of franchising began with his role as an Independent Franchise Consultant, where he successfully attracted and partnered with qualified individuals to achieve their business ownership goals within the Signal 88 Security brand. His ability to source leads independently, prospect potential franchise owners, and build strong relationships played a significant role in bringing success-driven entrepreneurs into the Signal 88 family.

His exceptional track record in franchise development led to more significant responsibilities as he assumed the position of Vice President of Franchise Development at Signal 88. In this role, Josh spearheaded the creation of strategic growth initiatives for the Franchise Development Department. He established clear goals, built budgets, and developed a formal sales process to streamline franchise sales operations. Josh also played a pivotal role in implementing foundational tech systems, such as a CRM and virtual brochure, to achieve set objectives.

A testament to his leadership abilities, Josh served as a vital member of the Signal 88 Franchise Group executive team, providing strategic direction for his department and the entire organization. His expertise in recruiting, franchise development, relationship building, and consultative selling made a significant impact on the company’s growth and success during his tenure.

His commitment to the franchise industry extended to his time at N-Hance Wood Renewal, where he served as Sr. Franchise Development Director. With a focus on lead generation, nurturing, and franchise sales, Josh played a key role in adding over 140 new franchise units to the brand in just four years. His consultative selling approach and ability to develop lasting business relationships further contributed to his accomplishments.

Josh’s passion for creating successful business ventures also led him to become a Founding Partner of Lastime Exteriors. This venture allowed him to demonstrate his skills in management, business strategy, and leadership while leading pricing, distribution, and marketing strategy for the manufacturing division. Under his guidance, Lastime Exteriors experienced significant growth, becoming a premier stone-coated steel roofing contractor with a niche specialty equipment division serving contractors across the US and in Central America.

In addition to his role as a Founding Partner, Josh held a position as the Chief Development Officer (CDO) & VP of Marketing at The Maids International. His responsibilities encompassed board-level accountability as a member of the LEAP Executive Team, as well as involvement in the Phoenix Leadership Team, where he executed strategic initiatives. He also led the Franchise Advisory Council Liaison Group and played a critical role in structuring and organizing the Annual Franchise Conference and Awards.

Throughout his career, Josh has consistently demonstrated exceptional sales management skills, a talent for recruiting top talent, and a knack for building strong teams. His ability to develop and execute business strategies, as evidenced by his experience at The Maids International, has resulted in the successful growth of franchises, leading to the addition of thousands of households served by the company’s franchises.

A highly respected figure in the franchise industry, Josh Minturn’s dedication, innovation, and forward-thinking approach have left a lasting impact on the organizations he has been a part of. His credentials as a Certified Franchise Executive further solidify his expertise and commitment to the world of franchising.

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